There's hot yoga. Hip hop yoga. Prenatal yoga. And now there's hangover yoga.

We’ve all been there. Clutching at a bottle of Powerade like its oxygen. Reaching for the nurofen and hydralyte in a haze. Well… I know I have at least. You need a hangover cure. And you need one fast. I have found one. That I now swear by… and it’s yoga. Feel free to roll your eyes but at least hear me out.

Earlier this year I went to one of my best friend’s hen’s party – it was a weekend retreat at the beach. We had wine, we danced, we had an incredible dinner. And then we were all deliriously hungover. But my friend had organised a yoga instructor to come the next morning.

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Dragging myself out of bed, I placed a bucket within arms reach and just hoped for the best. Much to my surprise, I actually felt a heap better after the class. And after a bit of digging, I discovered that “hangover yoga” is a legitimate fitness trend. One that’s perfect for those of us who aren’t die-hard yogis, and don’t mind a wine or two.

Tyneal Alexander from Move Yoga in Melbourne talked us through two of the main benefits of yoga as a hangover cure. Move Yoga are unique in that they use Far Infrared Rays (non-invasive wavelengths of light) as heating in their studio, which as it happens, is a fantastic cure for hangovers. But don’t worry if you can’t make it to their studio in Melbourne, because we can all reap the benefits of yoga when we are feeling a little worse for wear, here’s how…

1. Yoga can re-oxygenate the blood

Yoga can re-oxygenate the blood through the activation of your cardiovascular system (CVS), and help you begin to heal your tired and weary body. “The heart is the power source behind the CVS and is responsible for pumping blood through your blood vessels, supplying every part of your body with the oxygen and nutrients it needs for proper functioning.” Tyneal says.

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2. It removes toxins (ahem, vodka) from the body

Yoga can help you remove the toxins built up in your body from the night before. Tyneal explains, “It does this through the two primary vehicles in the body: CVS and the lymphatic system. Through dynamic movement and strong holds in poses, Yoga strengthens your CVS, which helps to cleanse your body of toxins, pollutants, additives and chemicals.”

Here are a few other hangover cures from The Glow Team. (Post continues after gallery.)

“Unlike the CVS which has the power of the heart behind it, the lymphatic system is stimulated by gravity and muscle contraction (through yoga) and breathing. Postures such as inversions, assist in the movement of lymph throughout the body and enhances it’s functioning – helping to gather cellular waste, keep fluid levels in check and transport nutrients to their much needed destinations.”


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Poses to help you cure a hangover

Before attempting to do yoga, make sure you’re well hydrated and have had plenty of water, nothing will cure your head-pounding hangover quicker than rehydrating.

Tyneal also mentions, “being hungover can cause you to feel light-headed, and even a bit off balance. Taking it easy during class and not pushing yourself too hard would certainly be encouraged by our teachers.”

But we won’t dwell any further, if you need a cure fast  here are the poses Tyneal recommends:

Gentle rounds of cat – cow pose

“This works the breath, respiratory system and cardiovascular system, which helps to cleanse your body of toxins.”

Cat - cow pose. (Image via iStock)

Wide-legged seated forward fold (upavistha konasana)

"This pose is what we call a cooling pose, which is great to counter the heat that’s built up in the body after consuming alcohol. It’s also a good pose if you want to soothe a nagging headache!"

Wide-legged seated forward fold (Image via iStock.)

Child’s pose or Svasana

For the particularly head-pounding hangover...

Child's pose (Image via iStock.)

What is your go-to hangover cure?