Yes, it’s a boy……

…..and his name is Maddox-Pax-Knox.
You like?

3kg, five hour labour (give or take), great birth, magnificent epidural and generally Over The Moon. Home now and trying to remember how to put on those teeny tiny socks. He’s very much a third child – somehow I pretty much forgot to buy anything small enough to fit him and much of the other paraphanalia you accumulate before your first baby……but he is absolutely delicious and I am besotted. We all are.

His name is actually Remy. Luca came up with the name months ago and it was on a shortlist of two or three. When we saw him, it was obvious.

Coco was not happy for several days and refused to say his name because she wanted us to name him Nutella. We told her when she grows up to be as big as Mummy and has her own baby, she can call him Nutella (heck, I’m sure someone somewhere already has….). The good news is that she’s already got a baby in her tummy and it’s going to be born "in half an hour".

As I mentioned last week (seems like a lifetime ago….I’ve almost forgotten how to type) I have locked and loaded a bunch of posts to keep you entertained while I remember how to get by on very little sleep and make milk.
Mia xxx

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