Yes, even celebrities get cold sores. So will someone please send this cult cure to Katie Holmes?

Nothing to be ashamed of, coldsores. Part of life for many many people.
BUT. My problem is this: when someone you know gives you a kiss – socially not, like, a pash – and then says “oh, sorry about my cold sore.”
This happened to me over Christmas when I bumped into an old school friend on the street. I like to think I’m a fairly tolerant person but I WAS NOT HAPPY ABOUT THIS.
After doing that ridiculously polite thing and saying “oh, don’t worry”, I spent the rest of the conversation wanting to scratch my cheek off with steel wool. I had to be content with dashing to the nearest public toilet and washing it with soap and a scratchy paper hand towel.

If you, like Kate Cruise, get cold sores, my friend who has a beauty blog and suffers herself, has published her guaranteed ‘cold sore killer’. It involves nail polish remover. Here’s a taste:

“As soon as you feel the tingle, get a cotton pad or tissue with
polish remover on it, and press it on the area hard. Hold it there. IT
WILL KILL SO, SO BAD. Especially at around the seven second mark. But
you must press it on there for 10 seconds.
What does is dry the virus out so much, that often, the blister won’t even appear.If you want, put some Zovirax on now, but I don’t even bother
anymore, because that stuff makes the CS moist, whereas the whole key
to killing these monsters is keeping them as dry as possible.

Check it out. Try it out. And then kiss anyone you like, even Tom.


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