'The hero of the story today is Grace': Nurse who saved Yellow Wiggle Greg Page called "really impressive".

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Original Wiggles member, Greg Page, collapsed and went into cardiac arrest at a bushfire relief concert in Sydney on Friday night.

Page was taken to hospital after falling to the ground as he left the stage, moments before the group were due to sing the final song of the night, ‘Hot Potato’.

Before he was transported to hospital, Page was assisted by off-duty nurse Grace Jones who was attending the over-18 event.

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Jones, a young nurse at Sydney’s Royal North Shore Hospital, was a fan of the Wiggles as a child and approached a security guard to offer her assistance when Page collapsed.

Once backstage, Jones took over from 23-year-old drummer Steve Pace and crew member Kimmy Antonell who were already performing CPR on the singer.

“I just walked in and I was the only one there who had any training besides first aid training so I just started to do what I do at work,” she told reporters yesterday.

After administering CPR herself, Jones used a defibrillator to shock Page three times to get his heart pumping again.

It was a high-pressure situation that she didn’t expect to find herself in when she attended the concert at Castle RSL with her brother.

“I didn’t go to the concert expecting to do that so it all feels a bit surreal. I do stuff like that every day at work that I have never had to do it without equipment,” said Jones.

“I’ve been trained to do that and I kind of flicked a switch. I went in and I just used all the knowledge that helped him, and saved him.”


Jones continued working on Page for 20 minutes before paramedics arrived.

Page, who was the ‘Yellow’ Wiggle before Emma Watkins, has Orthostatic Intolerance, a disorder that that affects blood flow and can lead to fainting if he stands upright for too long.

When Blue Wiggle Anthony Field saw his bandmate collapse on the ground, he told the crowd to leave.

“Guys, I think we’re going to end it there,” original Red Wiggle Murray Cook then informed the crowd.

“Greg’s not feeling real well. I think he’s going to be OK but he’s not feeling real well so I don’t think we can go on with another song.”

Jones is now being hailed a hero by those who witnessed the incident, including Cook.

“We were just totally shocked when it happened,” Cook told The Daily Telegraph. “The nurse was only 23, I’ve got kids that age, she’s really impressive.

“It’s been very difficult for me and for the rest of us going through this, but seeing him today in hospital, he’s in really good spirits and that has made it a lot easier.”

Intensive care paramedic, Brian Parsell also recognised the major role Jones played in saving the singer’s life.

“We found Greg was unconscious at that point but he had cardiac output, his heart was actually beating,” Mr Parsell told

“It’s only through the efforts of the bystanders before we arrived that he’s alive today… It was actually an extraordinary story of survival.”

“It is a reason why he is here today. And that is really, the hero of the story here today is Grace who was brave enough to step forward. We are good paramedics and we do a great job, but it helps when there are people there doing what needs to be done before we arrive.”

At the time, The Wiggles assured fans that their second show would go ahead on Saturday night, with Page’s blessing:

“We’ve visited Greg this morning & he wanted to thank everyone for their well wishes.

“He’s so grateful for the messages of love & support from⁣ around the world.”

Speaking to Channel 7, The Wiggles’ manager Paul Field described the chaos that unfolded backstage after Page’s collapse.

“He was in such a serious way last night, he needed CPR… we had two of our cast and crew working on him, they used the defibrillator on him three times – he was in a bad way.

“He stopped breathing a number of times. It was quite dramatic for everyone around to witness it. We’re all a bit shocked.”


Shortly after the incident, Wiggles bandmate, Anthony Field, uploaded a touching Instagram post wishing his friend well.

“Such a joy being together with my mates tonight. So sorry to see Greg so ill at the end of the show. We are all in shock, please get better mate. I’m praying for you,” he wrote.

Page, 48, left the children’s band in 2006 due to health issues.

In 2012, Greg briefly returned to the Wiggles before three out of four retired.

Shortly after leaving The Wiggles, Greg joined the cast of Butterscotch’s Playground, which he helped develop and in 2014 he joined the Two by 2 team.

In 2018, he celebrated 10 years of volunteering at the annual KidzWish Christmas Party for more than 3500 Illawarra children with a sickness, disability or disadvantage.

He’s also put on his original yellow skivvy a couple of times to make surprise appearances with the new The Wiggles lineup.

Feature image: Twitter/@TheWiggles and Nine News.

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