If you were born in any of these years... prepare to have a very, very bad 2019.

Just a note – this story is tongue in cheek and not be taken literally. We’re sure you’ll have a brilliant year, even if some astrologers have gone completely rogue…

For anyone born in the year of the pig, 2019 is apparently not looking… good.

Yep, all those people born in 1947, 1959, 1971,1983, 1995 and 2007 you may as well go into hibernation for the next 12 months.

Here is exactly the sort of terrible stuff that is about to happen to those poor Year of the Piggers, according to Travel China Guide.


There are definitely some rare career opportunities on the horizon for these people, but… their colleagues are gossips.

For the best possible results, avoid gossip that might stunt your career development, especially at the beginning of the year.

In August, there might be a chance you’ll be fired, so stay on top of your work, and go above and beyond.


On the bright side, there is a large chance of obtaining more income, but with a lot of dispensable expenses be sure to take care with the budgeting.

High risk investments should be avoided.


For those who are single, March and May are the “lucky” months to find love which of course means the other ten are not.

For those already in a relationship, June might bring some money quarrels, so be cautious of your spending and remember that communication is key.

To avoid a break up in September, it’s recommended to solve conflicts and disagreements in time, making sure you treat your partner with more care and patience. A romantic surprise might help, too.



Perhaps the most concerning prediction is that the year of the pigs will have bad mental and physical health throughout the year.


In April and May, pregnant women need to take special care, and should avoid going to irregular clinics, opting instead for a hospital. They should also take extra physical care of themselves.

But not all is doomed for those born in the Year of the Pig.

According to China Highlights, pigs are diligent, compassionate and generous, with a knack for concentration and commitment to goals.

Those born in the year of the pig are also calm in the face of adversity, so no matter what 2019 throws at them, they will get through it like an absolute champ, but they must also remember to lean on their friends and family.

There is also a conflicting prediction, again by China Highlights, that indicates that despite the usual bad look for Year of the Pigs in a Year of the Pig, all will actually be smooth sailing.

So, how can we use this to our advantage, Piggers?

Easy. Demand a drink/chocolate/favours off friends and family all year long on account of ‘the curse’.

And the other option is to read a bunch of other horoscopes which say the precise opposite.

Watch this 1995-er cling onto that hope. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯