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2017 is absolutely the year of the little sister.

There’s something funny that comes with growing up as a little sister.

You’re entire childhood is one giant hustle: a hustle to be heard, a hustle to win, a hustle to be noticed, a hustle to copy every single thing your older sister ever did because, really, who needs individuality when you can become a duplicate of someone else?

A hustle to find your own space in a world that already has an older and wiser version of you.

At times it can be funny – or at times, you can be funny – by learning, from a very young age, unrequited love is a very real legitimate thing, but you’ll be damned if your sister doesn’t let you keep following her around. Other times it can be a little more serious: your desire to win gives rise to a relationship that can be riddled with competition.

Regardless of which way the spanner falls, it has a remarkable impact on your sense of self, growing up as a younger sister.

Which makes me incredibly excited to realise that 2017 has absolutely been the year of the little sister.

Consider this:

2017 has been the year of all years for Serena Williams – who is one year younger than her sister Venus. In January, she won a bloody grand slam pregnant. She had a baby, Alexis Olympia, and then got married wearing custom Nike sneakers. She became the ultimate feminist figurehead, a powerful force to be reckoned with.

It’s also been quite a year for Solange Knowles. She has starred in a Calvin Klein campaign, and was even named a woman of the year at Glamour’s 2017 Women of The Year awards. She also won her first ever freakin’ Grammy.

It has too for Kylie Jenner. In August, it was reported her makeup brand Kylie Cosmetics has made more than $420 million in retail sales since it launched 18 months ago, making her one of the most successful Kardashians (even if she’s technically a Jenner). Pregnancy rumours – which are yet to be confirmed – also made her become one of the most famous faces in her family.

Image: Getty.

Speaking of the Kardashian family, it's certainly been quite a year for Sofia Richie stepping out of the shadow first cast by her father Lionel and then her sister Nicole. Richie, who revealed she as dating Scott Disick, began making headlines on her own accord for modelling and, well, who she is dating.

Then there's Bella Hadid, younger sister of Gigi. Bella walked the Victoria's Secret runway alone this year without her sister, and also stepped out and into herself after her break-up with The Weeknd.

On top of that, two of Elizabeth Olsen's films were released this year, generating more than a little Oscar buzz. 2017 was the one of the first years we heard of Lottie Moss, sister of Kate, who has embarked on her own career modelling, while Elle Fanning starred in two filmed released this year, with a further four in post-production.

2017, I am telling you, is the year the younger sister ran free. (And everyone realised she was always the better one anyway.)

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