This is what you were probably like in Year 9. (Hint: we weren't that cool.)

Remember those heady days of Year 9?

It was a time when pashing your crush at the school disco while wearing a feather boa meant you were so worldly.

When getting smashed off three raspberry Vodka Cruisers your best friend’s older brother bought for you was, like, the most epic thing ever.

Vodka Cruisers: the height of sophistication?

And your totally lame parents just didn’t get you and all your angsty, important EMOTIONS.

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Actually, in hindsight, we were all pretty revolting when were in Year 9.

Which is the point behind this hilarious twitter account Year 9 Banter, which allows you to revisit that special kid of cringe-worthy hell that was Year 9.

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It turns out that kids in Year 9 are pretty much out of control. Or at least they think they are. All in an entirely gormless and hilarious way.

Take these guys, for example. They’re being so whacky:

And Jess – she won’t let The Man get her down:

And Abbie? Well, she is just taking all social and cultural mores and throwing them out the window:

And then there’s this bad-ass 14 year old. Whoa, Photoshopped vodka is hard core:

Calm down, Darsheel:

Let’s face it. It was a stupid time.

Oh, to be young again.

Catch more hilarious Year 9 banter here: