'Yeah The Boys Meet Up' event has been cancelled after a huge public backlash.


The ‘Yeah The Boys Meet Up’ event, which featured comments threatening domestic abuse and rape, has been cancelled by the page’s administrators after a huge public backlash.

As Junkee reports, the Facebook event page had amassed more than 10,000 ‘yes’ RSVPs before being shut down this afternoon.

Meanwhile, the popular satirical Yeah The Boys Facebook page has stated it had “nothing to do” with the Yeah The Boys Meet Up event, despite the similar names.

Mamamia reported earlier today:

Thousands of people have clicked “attending” on a Facebook event scheduled for the end of the month at a popular Sydney beach. But while the event itself might be a fake, the sexism it’s spawned is frighteningly real.

The “Yeah The Boys Meet Up” page has quickly become a breeding ground for online abuse, with Australian women — or “two holes” as they’re repeatedly referred to there — as the primary targets.

“Any two hole that shows up is getting a left right good night from everyone one of the boys,” one attendee has commented.

Another post reads: “If anyone brings their missus they’ll be copping a flying kick right to the f*ckin (sic) chin. If anyone mentions their missus while at the meet up without merit (as in at all) they’ll be copping a gut punch from every single one of the boys.”

A few examples of post from the page:

There are literally hundreds of threads overflowing with misogynistic memes and offensive remarks, including “jokes” about raping women and domestic abuse.

Racism and homophobia also run rampant.

Yet, despite having been reported to Facebook’s administration multiple times, on multiple grounds, the page does not violate the social media site’s “community standards”.

Several women have taken matters into their own hands, posting on the page to call out the behaviour of “the boys”, but have been emphatically silenced, some with violent threats.

Sometimes all you can do is out-troll the trolls. Source: Facebook

"I hope your mothers and sisters never read the disgusting way you talk about women. I have never read so much hate in all my life," one self-confessed mother of two sons writes.


"Do not even start me on the revolting way you turn domestic violence into humour. If you "boys" are our future men I dread to think what our society will become."

She was told to, "Go away you two hole".

Another woman dared to point out that not only is "two hole" a despicable way to label women, it's also anatomically incorrect.

"People with a vagina have three holes (urethra, vagina, anus), didn't any of you listen in sex ed or learn in life?" she asked.

A much needed anatomy lesson. Source: Facebook

"So, funnily enough, all you 'boys' referring to people with vaginas as 'two holes' are actually referring to people with penises who do really only have two holes (urethra, anus). Beautifully, poetically homoerotic right? Especially when you talk about the sexual things you want to do to a 'two hole'."

Many have jumped to defend the page, dismissing its content as "parody".

Women, right? Source: Facebook

Indeed, the "Yeah The Boys" rhetoric appears to have been co-opted from a popular satire page of the same name, which has gained almost half a million followers with its comparatively light-hearted take off of "typical Aussie blokes".

It's unclear how closely the two are linked.

Good point. Source: Facebook

The event is planned for November 26 at Coogee Beach and the number of those "attending" is fast approaching 10,000, but whether it results in the "Cronulla 2" some have threatened remains to be seem.

Regardless, there is still the very real problem that it's organisation has become an online rallying point for trolls more likely to be Men's Rights Activist than hapless dudes, and is quickly devolving into an Internet cesspit.

NSW Police told Mamamia they are aware of it and are currently investigating whether further action is required.