Celeb in 5: Monday's best entertainment and gossip news.

1.  Married at First Sight’s Dean and Davina may not have been the only couple to cheat on their TV spouses.

It would be an understatement to say that Married at First Sight this season has been a doozy.

However, it seems like Dean and Davina weren’t the only partners to stray from their professionally chosen spouses.

According to Women’s Day, an anonymous source reports that during a particularly boozed-up night of bar-hopping, the couples returned to their luxury suites at North Sydney’s Meriton apartments to a very drunk groom completely ambivalent to the fact that his TV wife was naked in bed with another groom in the bedroom next door.

“Next thing we know all hell broke loose, when the door flung open and they were naked!” said the source.

“The rest of the party laughed and proceeded to go in and see the X-rated scene for themselves!”

Married at First Sight
We know Dean... we know. Image via Channel 9.

This all happened while yet another couple was having a drunken fight in the hallway, which led to the producers being called.

"[It was just] like being on school camp," described the source.

"We had broken the rules, breaking curfew and partying – all while the cameras weren't on us. They were furious! We got sent back to our apartments and were forbidden to speak to each other," they said.

Unfortunately this piece of legendary, history-altering footage has been lost into the abyss, with the couple in question made to bow out at the next commitment ceremony, and the rest of the cast sworn to secrecy. Allegedly. 

2. Samantha Armytage shares the desperate lengths paparazzi went to get a photo of her at the beach.


Those photos of Sunrise host Sam Armytage "flaunting her figure" at the beach just don't happen by themselves you know.

The 41-year-old has explained just how far the paps are willing to go to get a snap of her in her cozzie on a Sunday.

While sharing a photo in which she's posing in her swimmers "for free" on Instagram, Armytage shared that she had four paparazzi and even a drone chasing her while she was trying to enjoy her "lovely, quiet, relaxing Sunday" with friends.

"Trying to ruin my weekend bliss & make money from pics of me in my swimmers... well here’s one for free #pissOffPaps," she wrote.

Giving celebrities the ability to make paparazzi redundant has to be our favourite thing about Instagram. Well that and the accounts dedicated to someone's pet dachshund.

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3. Katie Price went naked on Instagram to show her epic fake tan fail.

UK glamour model Katie Price loves a good, deep fake tan, but the 39-year-old may have gone a little to far this time.

Sharing a photo of herself naked and covered with what basically looks like brown paint, Price wrote, "Oh dear I tried this new fake tan last night I'm going to shower now I hope ends up ok."

No word yet on the results, but let's hope that at least some of that colour washed off in the shower.


4. Chris Hemsworth's wife Elsa Pataky fought off a snake and omg.

Image: Elsa Pataky

Chris Hemsworth may play the superhero, but we've finally got confirmation that it's actually wife and fellow actress Elsa Pataky who really has the super powers in the family.

Spanish-born Pataky experienced a home invader this week - one giant ass snake.

"Found this in the bathroom today," she captioned a video of a whopping big reptile contained in a cardboard box.


She then shared how she wrangled said snake into said box - using the very high tech tools of a friend and the pointy end of a mop.

One of her children can be heard saying the snake looks "pretty and beautiful" to which Elsa replies that it's "pretty angry."

The Hemsworth family moved to Byron Bay in 2015. In a recent interview with BW magazine, Chris revealed Elsa took some convincing.

"I just needed to show it to her. I just needed to bring her here and then it was hard to get her to leave," he said. She's since settled in, snakes and all.

5. Oh. Meghan Markle said a thing and now people are accusing her of putting on a British accent.

It was only a matter of time, but Meghan Markle - finance to Prince Harry, and she who wears tastefully messy hair - is going full English.

Well... kinda. In actuality the actress-turned-humanitarian was at an event in Scotland when a fan by the name of Lynda Clark said that upon receiving a batch of heart-shaped potato scones, Markle pronounced the word 'scone' like gone (with a short 'o' sound), instead of its American alternative, which rhymes it with bone (with a long 'o' sound).

Welcome to scone-gate 2018. Image via Getty.

Cue worldwide panic and pandemonium. This might be the most controversy the otherwise lacklustre pastry has seen since the jam and cream debacle of two months ago.

Some believe the actress may have picked up the pronunciation in Canada while she was filming Suits, however others have said that it's only reasonable for Markle to be assimilating into her new British dialect.

In reality the Brits pronounce it both ways, which is backed by a 2016 YouGov poll (we know) which found that 51 percent of Brits sit in the 'gone' camp, with 42 per cent of the 'bone' persuasion.

Really... it's just a case of a scone by any other name.

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