WTF: Look how you can use photoshop to make Rumer Willis look ‘better’!

After Wednesday’s ranty post about re-touching and how I think it’s such a terrible thing for women, a reader posted a link to this piece of loveliness from Perez. Rumor Willis is a particular favourite of Perez’s for Gordon-Ramsay-style sledges about her appearance. He calls her all sorts of names, all of which I’m sure he claims are ‘funny’ and all of which must absolutely devastate her. Is it not difficult enough to be the daughter of Demi Moore? I’m just saying.

Anyway, the point of the post is unclear. The shot on the left was taken of her at the MTV awards recently and the shot on the right, is the ‘improved’ version that some helpful reader did at home and then sent to Perez. WTF.
Is she mean to look ‘better’ after the ‘digital plastic surgery’? Well, she looks like an entirely different and unrecognisable person. Is that better? How about we all just have digital (or real!) plastic surgery so we can all look the same! There’s an idea!

[thanks Amanda Bugmum]