The 10-second beauty trick to make your foundation match your neck.

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Who hasn’t ended up going home with the wrong foundation shade? Even with the most helpful sales staff, the pressure of choosing the right foundation for your skin type can end badly. But if that shade is too light, or you didn’t apply sunscreen on a daily basis (naughty, naughty) and your skin has darkened slightly over summer, here’s what you can do.

I spoke to Max Factor makeup artist Liz Kelsh about how you can make that wrong foundation shade work for you over summer.

“The best way to take your [too light] foundation from winter to summer is with bronzer,” Kelsh says.

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“Apply bronzer to the contours of the face, then using a large brush with bold sweeps, apply bronzer to the perimeter of the face then lightly dust over the nose and cheekbones,” Kelsh says. “And don’t forget to bronze up your neck and your chest area.”

Don’t stress if you’re already getting lost, check out her easy to follow tutorial.

Liz’s top summer makeup tips.

  • In summer you want a lighter look, so the last thing you don’t want is for your make-up to look caked on. Apply foundation sparingly to the face then go back and build up coverage where needed.
  • Skin is oilier in the warmer months so you may need to set your foundation. Using a brush, apply a light dusting of translucent powder only where needed.  Areas that you know are likely to shine up during the day, usually the t zone.
  • Let your foundation transition smoothly into summer by adding a little luminizer to it for a radiant skin look
  • Make sure your winter foundation is still the best colour for you in summer. Apply liberally along the jaw line and onto the neck, the correct shade will practically disappear into your skin.

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