"The finish really looks like your skin, but better.": 12 women test Wotnot Naturals' new makeup-skincare hybrid.

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Spring is well and truly here. This means two main things for your beauty routine.

1. It’s time for subtle, natural makeup that lets your skin shine through, and; 

2. It’s time to pop on your SPF with abundant enthusiasm. 

The new Wotnot Naturals hybrid product helps you achieve both those things, and a cheeky handful of other skincare benefits too. When a new all-in-one beauty product hits the market, we sure as heck love to see it (the Mamamia team adores a savey), and we MUST know what it's all about before we get our hands on it.

It's their Wotnot Naturals SPF40 Natural Face Sunscreen, BB Cream and Mineral Makeup, and it's absolutely worth the long title.

It's a multi-tasking badass, and also Australia’s first natural face sunscreen and true mineral makeup foundation hybrid. 

Oooh, did we mention that it’s made for sensitive skin too? You are SEEN, sensitive queens!

Here’s a quick rundown of what you can expect from this one-step wonder. Firstly, it has a flawless matte primer, ready to prep and nourish your skin, without that dreaded oily look. 

Then, it has a SPF40 shield using Zinc oxide that protects against UV-B and ageing UV-A rays. 

Next up, it contains a vegan anti-aging collagen serum that’s clinically proven to reduce fine lines and wrinkles (which is great because we know that UV-rays can age our skin).

Lastly, it offers flawless coverage with mineral makeup while also being natural and lightweight. So the dream combination, really.

To sweeten the deal: it’s $29.99 which is super affordable for such a multi-functional product. It’s also toxin-free, paraben and sulphate free, and has certified organic ingredients like jojoba and aloe vera.

Okay, if this product had a LinkedIn we would think it was frankly showing off now. You’re very talented and useful, and if we were hiring a CEO of multitasking, we’d absolutely pick you. 

To put it to the ultimate test, we asked 100 of our Mamamia You Beauty Panel to trial the Wotnot Naturals sunscreen, BB cream and mineral makeup hybrid, and report back to us. 

Here's exactly what they said. 

Megan, 31: "It protects my sun-sensitive skin perfectly."

"It protects my sun-sensitive skin perfectly." Image: Supplied. 


"This product is great! I first used a little too much, but then adjusted on day two and it sat beautifully and lasted all day and through a round of golf. 

"It gives beautiful coverage and protects my sun-sensitive skin perfectly. I finished with my usual powder and it gives such a great feel to my face throughout the day. I love it."

Rachel, 28: "Hello, Zoom calls!"

"I really enjoyed using this product! 

"I have used many BB creams in my day but was very excited to see one that not only offered SPF40 protection but was a physical based sunscreen too. 

"I'm a big sunscreen advocate so I measured out how much was required of this product if one was to use it as their standalone sunscreen product and was pleasantly surprised that it didn’t feel like too much coverage.

"The consistency is slightly thick which is expected from a physical sunscreen but it blended seamlessly with my fingers and a beauty blender (I tried both options). 

"It was long-lasting and was the perfect solution for dual working from home coverage (hello, Zoom calls!) and protection when working next to windows."

Keeley, 37: "Anything that combines multiple steps in one is a winner in my eyes!" 

"It was great! I loved the texture of the product and it was so easy to apply and sat well under makeup. 

"With three young kids, my time to get ready in the morning is limited, so anything that combines multiple steps in one is a winner in my eyes!


"I would definitely re-purchase this, I loved it."

Chloe, 28: "I would definitely purchase this myself!"

 "I would definitely purchase this myself!" Image: Supplied.  

"I was super impressed with this product, more than I expected I would be. Initially, I thought the product was just a sunscreen and a BB cream; there are so many on the market and they rarely live up to expectations in my experience. But I have been pleasantly surprised. 

"It evens out skin tone nicely. I’m normally quite oily by the end of the day and ALWAYS powder any base product I use, but trialling this I didn’t. By the end of the day, it looked like my natural skin. I would definitely purchase this myself!"

Linh, 37: "It made me look more alive!"

"My skin can sometimes react to new products, but my skin loved this BB cream hybrid. I didn't experience any excess afternoon oiliness and I have combination skin. 

"Being locked down in Melbourne meant that I've fallen into a routine of not wearing any sort of make-up or putting less effort in when it comes to work, but the Wotnot Naturals product was perfect to apply before work calls. 

"It evened out my skin and made me look more alive! It also made me feel nice that I made the effort.

"I am converted to Wotnot Naturals and will be repurchasing when I run out of the BB cream."


Emma, 40: "My daughter loved the feeling of not having 'heavy' makeup on." 

"The thing I loved the most about this product is the longevity I received after a full day in the sun and also the coverage.

"I also tried this on my daughter's acneic skin and she loved the coverage and the feeling of the product on her face (she loved specifically the feeling of not having 'heavy' makeup on.) 

"Overall, we were very impressed and I will definitely purchase again in future."

Melissa, 38: "It makes my nearly 40-year-old skin glow."

"It makes my nearly 40-year-old skin glow." Image: Supplied. 

"This product is amazing. It makes my nearly 40-year-old skin glow. I have been trying to find natural light coverage with high SPF for a long time and one that doesn't pill, and this is it. 

"It goes on smoothly, doesn't leave a film and covers nicely. Also, can I mention the anti-ageing serum is SUCH a bonus!"

Cheyenne, 26: "A great addition to your kit just in time for spring." 

"It has a lovely light-textured base for everyday wear and the packaging is superb with the pump nozzle attached to a tube that deposits a controlled amount of product. This is so I can easily adjust the amount depending on what I require, so no waste and no mess. 

"The texture is lightweight, sheer and slightly more on the matte end of the spectrum. If you have oily or combination skin like myself, this product stays looking great throughout the day and into the evening. 


"I put this sunscreen through its paces by completing a seriously sweat-and-redness-inducing workout at the end of my day and still looked fairly put together after.

"The product’s coverage is definitely sheer but easy to apply for even coverage. I used both fingers and a sponge, which worked well. As a pale gal with neutral undertones, I was happy that the ‘light’ shade provided an excellent colour match. 

"Overall, if you’re after sheer, lightweight mineral coverage that provides a matte look and will go the distance, then this is one to try! 

"It's a great mineral makeup addition to your kit just in time for spring!"

Alana, 41: "It provided great protection."

"It provided great protection." Image: Supplied. 

"I found the sunscreen provided great protection, and a lovely finish. I wore it on my face and chest whilst out walking and could see where I missed spots! It certainly provided a good barrier to the sun."

Jade, 34: "It made me feel a bit more put together with minimal effort required."

"I am currently in lockdown and have not been wearing makeup, only sunscreen, so it was nice to have something to make me feel a bit more put together with minimal effort required."

Amy, 30: "It exceeded my expectations."

"It exceeded my expectations." Image: Supplied.


"It exceeded my expectations! It was beautiful and felt lightweight, like I wasn’t wearing anything at all. It was also a perfect matte finish like it says. 

"I would wear this product day-to-day. It’s a massive bonus that it has SPF40 too so I feel protected. Overall, I really liked it and will continue to use it!"

Caroline, 32: "The finish really looks like your skin, but better."

"I really love this product and a little goes a long way. The BB cream really looks like your skin, but better. 

"I have a lot of red pigmentation on my nose and I’m really pale, so my pigmentation shows through my foundation but this BB covered the redness while looking really natural on my skin. 

"The colour match is amazing, and it looks so natural that I can just use the product where I need it. The BB gives a really natural glow - not the type of “high shine” kind though that you'd find in a dewy product that’s going to melt off your face. 

"It has solid staying power and great coverage. I'm very happy with this product and already recommending it to friends."

Want to try it out for yourself? Shop the Wotnot Naturals SPF40 Natural Face Sunscreen, BB Cream and Mineral Makeup here.

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