If you're getting married today, we hope none of these things happen.

Just when we thought we’d heard it all.

If there’s one day you want everything to be perfect, it’s your wedding day. But we know that when it comes to your big day, things don’t always go as planned. That’s why we feel so sorry for these couples, who have had their horrible wedding experiences shared on Reddit.

If you’re getting married today, or anytime soon, you might want to stop reading…

Okay, don’t say we didn’t warn you.

1. “Someone’s mobile phone started ringing loudly during the exchange of vows in church, and the guy actually answered it, and began talking in full voice, as if he weren’t even part of the occasion. The Minister stopped, because it was so intrusive, and asked him to please end it – and the guy got rude, and made some objectionable remarks. At which point the ushers escorted him out, while the idiot made a big scene.”

2. “I was at a wedding where a bridesmaid stepped back a little too close to a candle and then ‘poof’ her hair lit up in flames. The minister quickly dove into action and put the flames out with his hands and the Bible he was holding. Most memorable wedding ever though!”

3.” A wedding I attended: they popped champagne and an elderly woman screamed and covered her eye. She said the cork flew into her eye. First aid happening, everybody is worried and freaking out while the woman is crying and screaming of pain.

The cork never actually hit her, it actually flew over her. She was convinced it hit her in the eye…”

"They popped champagne and an elderly woman screamed and covered her eye."

4. "Pastor dropped one of our rings. We got married at an outdoor gazebo. Ring fell between boards on the steps. Brother sprinted back to his car and got a hanger which was able to hook the ring. But the combo of hanger and ring were too wide to make it back through the crack. Luckily groomsmen were given foldable Gerber knives and they were able to use them to guide the ring through the crack. Finally got it and wedding continued."

5. "As the groom, none of the guests or family I invited showed. Family was out of state, I can understand that, friends were in town. Neither the marriage nor those friendships lasted."

6. "I went with my best friend as her 'date' and she was wearing the same off-the-rack dress as the bridesmaids. I thought it was hilarious but she was really uncomfortable and that kind of killed the whole night."

7. "The best man gave a speech at the reception in which he mentally broke down (with tears) and proceeded to tell everyone he actually loved the groom."


8. "The bride’s dad preformed a rap he wrote. It was bad. He was a geeky white guy. Sweet gesture but so awkward."

9. "While heading to the chapel, bride's parents managed to t-bone groom's parents coming out of a blind intersection."

"The bride's parents managed to t-bone groom's parents coming out of a blind intersection."

10. "I remember I was the ring bearer for my second cousins wedding. Once I had successfully delivered the ring I took position next to the groomsmen. I was four at the time and was wildly swinging my leg, so much so that my shoe came flying off and hit my great uncle in the first row. The best man helped me put it back on and the wedding continued as usual."

11. "One of the groomsmen lost a bet to another and got slapped as hard as possible. It knocked him out and he hit the floor. The rest of the wedding pictures I took I had to have him facing a certain way to the butterfly stitches wouldn't show."

12. "My DJ's equipment stopped working just as my wife and I were starting our first dance. It was literally the first thing we did when the reception started. Walk in the room, applause, get to the dance floor, and... Silence."

13. "I was a flower girl at my cousins wedding, she got her period. In a white wedding dress."

14. "I made this pretty wishing well to sit on the gift table for friends and family to put in card into. Friends of my in-laws went 'fishing"' in the wishing well during the reception. We got security to handle it so no scene was made but I was pretty insulting that my new in-laws close friends would have no trouble stealing from us. They did not get a thank you note."

15. "When the bride released doves, they immediately sh*t all over her dress on their way to freedom."

"When the bride released doves, they immediately shat all over her dress..."

16. "My friend accidentally bumped the cake table and I saw the cake sway a little bit. We walked back to our table and the cake crumbled down off the table, onto the floor. Nobody knew why."

17. "My dad is somewhat shy and very soft spoken. Near the beginning of my sister's wedding reception, my dad said to the groom (now son-in-law), something like '[Name], we haven't always seen eye to eye... ... But... Just... You'd better take care of my daughter.'

"The tone came across just as threatening as I think he meant it to. It was sweet and scary and funny at the same time."

18. "We did our own vows, when it was my turn, I froze, hard, and said ditto."

19. "At the reception the bride warned the groom not to smoosh the cake in her face. He did anyway. She hauled off and hit him with a wicked right cross to the side of his face. You can see the red mark on his face in the pictures."

Wow. The only thing that could make these wedding worse is having one of these cakes...

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