Married couples, what's the worst wedding gifts you've ever received?

Let’s hope they came with the return receipt.

As the sayings go, ‘don’t look a gift horse in the mouth’ or ‘it’s the thought that counts’. But sometimes a wedding gift can be so, so bad they deserve just a little bit of judgement.

These Reddit users have taken to the Internet to vent about the worst wedding gifts they received on their special day.

Judge away.

1. My husband’s wealthy uncle gave us a used coffee thermos and a yellow bath towel. Very strange. We found out years later that he gave my husband’s brother the same thing at his wedding 6 months after ours.

2. My uncle got us a book on how to deal with divorce. He was the only one who thought it was funny.
3. A cheque that bounced, so it was a gift of -$35.

4. The Ultimate Guide to Getting it On with a note explaining it was to help us out in case we, "Didn't know what to do."

5. One of the guests suggested my new wife should join him and his girlfriend for a threesome.

6. An empty box with a note inside that said, "Wear this on your wedding night."

7. One of the guests gave us a towel. Not a set of towels. Not one towel for me, one for him. A single towel. Needless to say I, as the wife, claimed it as mine.

8. Friend got my wife a pair of handcuffs and a small vibrator in a multi-coloured package that called it "LifeSaver" (a pun on the lolly). He thought it was hilarious, my wife has never felt comfortable around him since.

9. A painted rock. A really big painted rock.

10. A portrait of a brown eagle with a sky blue background. A bible quote in spanish emblazoned on the bottom.

11. My wife's friend bought us an ashtray even though she knew we both weren't smokers.

12. I don't reckon I ought to look a gift horse in the mouth, but the crystal champagne flutes with hearts all over them are pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty tacky.

13. My buddy just got a re-gifted salad spinner, complete with ripped box.

14. My brother got my wife and me a really nice hotel suite for our wedding night as his gift to us. At the end of the reception, my wife and I went to the hotel, both exhausted from the whole day. Walked to the front desk to check in... brother's credit card was declined. My credit card was maxed from paying for last minute wedding expenses. Thankfully, my wife raked in mad cash during the dollar dance. Paid for it in mostly ones.

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