Hotel workers reveal the absolute worst things guests have left behind.

Hotel stays are often remembered by the items you took: The little shampoo, the toothbrush, the blanket if you have questionable morals (and room in your suitcase).

But for those who work there, the memory of guests is marked not by what they’ve taken but by what they’ve left behind.

A community of hotel workers have come together to reveal the disturbing, disorientating and downright dirty things guests have left behind.

The discussion took place on online forum Reddit after one user asked:

“Hotel maids of Reddit, what was the most disturbing thing you found while cleaning out a room?”

Matt LeBlanc in Friends. Source: Screenshot/NBC.

Nailing It

"Ex-maid for a Super 8 in a shitty town in rural Nevada. I found all kinds of weird stuff but the thing that takes the cake was the entire toenail of someone's big toe. Found it in the bathtub. I almost vomited."

"Side table drawer full of nail clippings. Like they were saving them."

A Dark Day

"We had to clean a room covered in shit. Human poo. On the bed, on the towels. Everywhere but the toilet."

"Vomit in the tub, in and around the toilet and... here's the good part... ceiling. There was vomit on the ceiling."

"One family had a teenage daughter who had the flu, and she had vomited all over the bathroom floor. They didn't clean it up because they knew I was coming the next day."

Source: Screenshot/Fox.

Here, Kitty Kitty

"I'm standing outside with the rest of the residents as we see haz-mat pulling up and we're all expecting some wild n' crazy Florida Man meth-head action or something. But instead of speed, they started charging through the smoke and bringing out tons and tons of cats. Just tons of them. It turns out it wasn't a very intense fire, but the dude was a filthy hoarder who'd stayed at the hotel for over 10 years, and he had loads of cats."

An Unforgettable Period

"On my second day, we passed by a room they were cleaning and we hear a scream. Apparently some family stayed a few nights and one of them was on their period. Instead of putting her dirty bloody tampons and napkins in the trash. She stuffed all of them in the corner of her bed."

Alan Rickman in Bottleshock. Source: 20th Century Fox.

A Guessing Guest

"I'm not a worker, but recently in a hotel room I stayed - I found two bottles of urine in a drawer."

A Hee-Hee Hee

"Weirdest thing I found was a single glittery Michael Jackson style glove among the messed up bed sheets which came sprinkled generously with semen."

A Not-So Souper Idea

"Someone put soup mix in the electric kettle. The kind of kettle you can't open up (you pour water in through the spout). This kettle was just caked with soup mix that stayed behind when they poured out the liquid."


"I had a summer job cleaning hotel rooms. One day a coworker told me she walked into her first room that day and the first thing she saw, neatly arranged on the desk, were 3 dildos, a note saying “please wash :)” and a 20 crown note (about $2). She didn't."

"On my second day of training we found a massive pink dildo. Hotel policy for Lost and Found items is that we had to write them up and phone the customer to ask if they would like us to send the item back to them. They did not want their 'pink ladies' toy' to be returned."


It happens to the best of us... Post continues.

A Big Baby

"Someone locked a full diaper into the safe once. I was expecting to open it up and find some cash or something. Nope, a full diaper."

Killer Instinct

"The biggest find was a gun. This is in Australia where we don't really do the whole gun thing. It was found under the bed, it was impossible to trace it back to a guest as beds were only vacuumed under every 6 months."

The Worst Kind of Party People

"There were used needles, crack pipes, other random drug things... empty pill bottles, broken and unbroken liquor bottles, cigarette butts along with ashes and burn marks, plus tons of trash."

Strange Strangers

"My brother is a janitor for Holiday Inn and was once called to fix something in a guest's room while they were out. He opened the door and found what appeared to be three newborn children in the bed. Turns out the old couple liked Reborn dolls so much they took them on holiday and had added "breathing" mechanisms to them so the chests would rise and fall like a real baby..."