People on Twitter are sharing the worst rom-coms and OMG they're so bad.

There are some days when you just need to lock yourself in a dark room, eat a bucket of Maltesers, and watch a crappy rom-com.

Not Hugh Grant saying ‘whoopsie-daisy’ in Notting Hill kind of rom-com, but the kind of movie that’s so cheesy and so poorly made, it’ll immediately make you feel better about your own life choices.

In that vain, Entertainment Weekly correspondent, Dana Schwartz, asked people on Twitter to name their “favourite terrible rom-com”.

Their rom-com guilty pleasures, if you will.

Schwartz further clarified that rom-coms fall into three categories:


Anywho, the people came from far and wide to share their sh**ty rom-com recommendations and there’s some absolute doozies.





Yep, they’re terrible.

But we would 100 per cent watch them all again.

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