People were asked why they really got married and their answers were painfully honest.

It’s official, folks: romance is dead.

Online confessional Whisper has asked readers to submit the real reason they got married…and it’s pretty depressing.

The website, which asks people to write in with anonymous secrets, has published a list titled ’17 Surprising Reasons Couples Are Getting Married (That Aren’t Because They’re In Love)’. And oh boy, they didn’t hold back.

From the practical to the downright ridiculous, the submissions are a brutally honest insight into the world of marriage. With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, this is going to be just the tonic for all the single ladies out there…


The sad.

Whilst all of the confessions are heartbreaking in their abject lack of genuine love and romance, some are worse than others. It seems that for many people marriage is the best of bad options.

Some are nursing broken hearts – “I’m only marrying my fiance because the man I do love married somebody else” – whilst others are unable to find a way to leave – “I’m getting married only because I feel too trapped to get out.”

The financial.

Others have considered their options from an oddly strategic standpoint, and decided marriage was the key to a better life.

“I’m only marrying my fiance for financial security,” wrote one reader, “Without him I couldn’t make my car payments. Oh, and I would be homeless as well.”

“I’m afraid I’m only marrying my fiance because his salary will allow me to actualise my dreams,” wrote another.

Hear that? That’s the sound of a million wallets crying.

For some women, the idea of doing it alone financially was just too hard. (Image: iStock)

The silly.

It's probably best that these people keep their admission online, because it's unlikely anyone would take them seriously otherwise.

"I'm getting married in one week," reads one confession, "and I think the only reason is because I couldn't stand losing the dog."

Wait, no. That one is totally valid.

The brutal.

The male and female submissions were as bad as each other, with gold diggers and slimy sleazebags out to show their true colours.

"I'm only marrying her so I can have sex without a condom," wrote one diehard romantic, whilst another woman was all about the cash money: "I'm only marrying him for his money. I don't care if that makes me a selfish gold digger."

*Single tear runs down cheek*

So, this post goes out to all the single ladies out there who are stacking up the wedding invites with Bridget Jones level depression: ALL IS NOT WHAT IT SEEMS.

Grab your heels, hit the town, and be thankful you're not one of the miserable people chasing the ring for all the wrong reasons.