A company has just invented a way to propose in the most 2017 way and we're cringing.

For some, a marriage proposal can be as simple and sweet as a night at home, cooking roast chicken and a ‘let’s spend our lives together, yeah?’

Others prefer things to be a little more… elaborate. We’re talking, horses and fireworks and castles level elaborate. Like, permanently-marking-your-skin elaborate.

And any self-respecting Millennial worth their weight in smashed avo knows that if it’s not shareable on social media, it might as well have never happened.

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So, one company decided to cash in on both trends, creating what can only be described as one of the most cringe-worthy devices of all time.

It’s called RokShok, and it’s an iPhone case that’s designed to hold an engagement ring.

Oh, it also conveniently POPS OPEN AND STARTS FILMING when the person proposing drops to their knee.

rokshock ring case
Oh god...just... no. Image via RokShok.

Welcome to the world we live in.

For the low, low price of AU$80 (and the cost of every friend you've ever had, probably), potential proposers can own the gadget for themselves.

The case is described as "discreet" (it's designed to look like a battery pack so partners won't suspect a thing) and "social-media ready", and it even promises to keep the engagement ring in shot as it films.


Because who cares about love and commitment when you could get THREE EXTRA Instagram likes, amiright?

rokshock ring case
"Can't wait to share this on Insta, babe!" Image via RokShok.

There's even the option to live-stream the entire proposal, which would be beyond awkward if things didn't quite go to plan.

On paper, the idea kinda sorta makes a lot of sense. But anyone who proposes to their partner from behind an iPhone screen while filming from possibly the most unflattering angle to ever exist (multiple chins, anyone?) deserves the 'No' that's inevitably going to come their way.

The inventors of the RokShok were inspired to create the product after learning that 41 per cent of males hired a professional photographer or videographer to capture their proposals.

But here's the thing, someone hiding in the bushes snapping sneaky pics is entirely different to literally asking someone to marry you from behind your phone.

Next time, just send a text, okay?

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