Shark Tank's Janine and Naomi absolutely annihilate a fisherman for his 'confusing' pitch.

Many will remember last night’s episode of Shark Tank Australia as the one in which the biggest deal was made in the show’s three-season history.

The rest of us will remember it as the one in which a contestant gave the worst ever pitch in the show’s three-season history.

Dear Lord it was a doozy.

His name was Lourens Badenhorst. A keen fisherman from Wanneroo, in Perth, who had invented a product that he believed would “revolutionise the fishing industry”.

The problem was, it took him precisely 148 seconds of very confusing talk about goldfish, decompressing water, pistons and wave energy before he actually told the Sharks what it was.

A device for distributing bait to attract fish.

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But it was the target market that really had the cashed-up panel confused. “Fisherwomen”, who apparently represent eight to 12 per cent of the market and are always looking for “edge”, according to Badenhorst.

There was nothing intrinsically female about the product or its application, other than it offering this coveted “edge”.

“But don’t men want the edge?” Boost Juice founder Janine Allis asked.

“Oh, no, no,” Badenhorst said, “men know everything about fishing.”

worst pitch shark tank australia
Sorry, what? Image: Channel 10.

At this point, Red Balloon founder Naomi Simson's eyebrows shot skyward and Allis' bottom jaw dropped ground-ward, as she sagely advised Mr Badenhorst to be "careful".

Unsurprisingly, neither took him up on his proposal: $56,000 for nine per cent of his business. It just wasn't a product, Allis said, that she would buy herself and Simson agreed.

"As soon as I heard 'fisherwomen' I didn't understand," Simson told the hopeful entrepreneur. "I didn't think fishing was gender specific. And you lost me. I'm out."

And so, with rejections from the other three Sharks, Badenhorst went home with nothing.

Except this assessment from Simson, which is likely to follow him around forever: "I would say that is the worst pitch I can remember."

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