20 people on the worst gifts they've been given by their mother-in-laws.

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The relationship between a mother-in-law/partner’s mother and yourself can go two ways; you like them almost more than your own mother, or maybe you don’t, erm, always see eye to eye.

In many instances, the less positive mother-in-law-daughter-in-law relationships can be witnessed through the gifts that are exchanged. Here, 20 people share the worst gift they’ve ever received from their MIL.

1. Basket case.

“Last year for Christmas she gave me a basket to put eggs in. I don’t like eggs. Then for my birthday she gave me a wicker basket – like I don’t have enough baskets in my life!”

2. All that glitters..

“My MIL gave me a handbag that is so incredibly not my style. Bright pink covered in sequins. She gave me the receipt though so I exchanged it.”

3. Stationery.

“A pen she’d made. It had a bobble head on the end of it. For my birthday.” (Watch: People share the worst Valentine’s Day presents they’ve ever received.)

4. Victoria’s secret.

“I got really sexy underwear which was the most awkward gift ever. I never wore it because – weird.” (Post continues after gallery.)

5. Sweat it out.

“I got a sweater three sizes too large because ‘I told the sales lady you had very large breasts and she recommended this’,” wrote one Reddit user.

6. Barbie girl.

“I was given a barbie doll by my MIL last Christmas. I’m 26, and have been married for five years now. They are f*cking weird,” wrote kaichi.


7. Smell something fishy.

“I once got one of those stick diffuser things to make our house smell nice. I feel like it was a hint because I’m not the cleanliest person alive.”
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The kind of Christmas present you don't want to unwrap. Image: iStock

8. Show time.

"This year she has given my husband and I tickets to a burlesque show. I mean, really?"

9. Tissues.

"My sister received a kleenex box from her in-laws... An empty kleenex box. Her mother-in-law thought it was pretty. And no, her mother-in-law was not mentally unsound at the time. Just a weirdo," wrote one Reddit user.

10. Foiled.

"Tinfoil. A Costco-sized roll of tinfoil... Merry Christmas?" wrote Redditor Mrs Dingus.

11. Soap box.

"My ex-MIL gave me a small bar of clear, dollar store-quality glycerin soap with a little decal inside for Christmas," wrote user ickycrumbcake.

12. Angels.

"When I married my first husband, we were religious. My mother in law believed that this must mean that I wanted to fill my home with angel statues. Every holiday they kept getting bigger until she gave me one with actual hinged wings with a span as long as my arm," wrote redditor Marianne Dashwood. (Post continues after gallery.)

13. Toy box.

"I got soft toys - a  penguin and a whale. Oh, and a Christian book."

14. "It's vintage."

"The worst was a  1950’s plastic petticoat in a size six because she knew I liked vintage things. I am a size 20."

15. Button up.

 "One year I got a  handbag made of brown plywood buttons."

16. Itsy bitsy bikini.

"For my birthday the first year I was with my boyfriend (now husband), my MIL got me a size small bikini for a sports team I don't even cheer for because that was the size/team of my husband's first wife," wrote user rstan25.

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17. Interior design.

"Two years ago I got a painted ceramic vase in the shape of a very ugly edwardian woman's head," wrote one Reddit user.

18. High hopes.

If you can't have the real deal maybe this is the next best thing?

"I got a door stop in the shape of a high heel."

19. Jewellery.

"My MIL gave me an expensive necklace that didn't fit around my neck and I was allergic to the nickel in it. I also don't wear jewellery ever."

20. Animal farm.

"Those plastic flamingos you put on your lawn. Gross."

What's the worst gift you've ever received from your mother-in-law?