14 people share the most embarrassing things they've done in a job interview.

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Interviews are nerve wracking situations; you’re trying to present well but your sweaty palms and scatter brain are putting you off your game. Yeah, we’ve all been there.

If you effed up a job interview recently, these 14 stories will put you at ease.

1. Busted

“I had popped a button on the shirt I was wearing, right at the bust, without realising. The interviewer was looking at my boobs the whole time. I was so grossed out and thought he was a massive creep. Then I left and noticed my wardrobe malfunction. I felt so embarrassed. But still felt he was creepy.”

2. Spelling Error

“One time at a job interview I got asked about punctuality. I went on about how it was good to speak to clear and politely and it was nice to use proper grammar and in speech and writing,” confessed one anonymous user on secret-sharing app Whisper.

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3. Mached it up.

“I was asked what my hobbies were and I said, straight out; paper mache. Paper mache. It’s not even true. I had literally done it once the week prior and it just sprung into my head to embarrass me.”

4. Five year plan.

“I was so nervous during my interview that when he asked me what I wanted to be in five years, I said ‘race car driver’,” said a user on Whisper.

5. One night stand.

“I walked into the interview to see the boss was a guy I had slept with last year.” (Post continues after gallery.)

6. Oh no.

“My worst moment was when, after an otherwise great interview, I got up and realised I’d left period blood on the seat,” said one Whisper user.

7. Dead leg.

“I must have sat very tensely and been concentrating too hard to notice, so my leg completely fell asleep. So when I stood up I couldn’t really walk. Like I had a serious limp. They must have thought I was disabled… which is fine, except that I’m not.”


8. Happy snaps.

“During a job interview I was trying to show a picture of my social security card from my phone, but actually showed a picture of my boobs. I’m mortified,” said a Whisper user.

9. Pee-lease don’t.

Lesson number one: Always go to the bathroom first.

“I held in my pee so much during the interview that my face looked mean and scared the boss.”

Step Brothers: A lesson how not to do interviews. Image: Colombia Pictures.

10. Alarm bells.

"My phone started ringing during a job interview. My ringtone is "Sexy Can I" by Ray J. The boss started singing along."

11. Who am I?

"During my job interview the guy asked me to tell him about myself and I literally forgot who I was."

12. Double trouble

"There were two of us in the interview and at the end leaving it was really awkward. The other girl shook his hand and I just had my hands in my pocket and left. It was super awkward."

13. Shake it off.

"My sister told me to give a really strong handshake at my interview to show that I'm confident. I ended up shaking too hard and hitting my interviewer's elbow on the table," shared a Whisper user.

14. French kiss.

"I was interviewing for my dream job and the boss was an older, very proper and formal gentleman. At the end, I gave him a hug and a double kiss on the cheeks. I have no idea where it came from - I was so embarrassed."

What's your worst job interview experience?