"It's an appalling idea!" Why one woman's baby name proposal is horrifying people.

Anyone who’s ever had to name something, such as a pet, would know that it’s not easy, because you, and the pet will have to live with the consequences.

Which is why the responsibility of naming another human being – such as your newborn child – can be so overwhelming, that some people buckle under the pressure, and stop being able to think clearly.

This is apparently what happened to one mum-to-be, recently, who posted on MumsNet as NordicNobody, asking the forum about her proposed baby name. The post was called “Initials spell LIAR”, giving a strong indication that the thread was not going to end in her favour.

“If we use the middle name we want our daughter will have initials which spell LIAR,” the woman wrote.

“To add to it her first name also rhymes with/sounds a bit like Liar. Would this put you off?”

The woman seemed to be seeking honest responses – and she certainly got them.

A screenshot of the original post. Source: Mumsnet

"You cannot give her the initials LIAR! How can you seriously be considering that?" one user wrote, adding, "What if, just one example, she wanted to go into politics in the future - can you imagine the field day the press would have with that?"

The response was overwhelmingly negative, with people imploring the mum-to-be to re-think her idea, add in an extra name, and FTLOG, think of her child's future.

But far from accepting the feedback which she was seeking, the woman jumped into the comments to explain that the middle name they wanted to use had a special significance, and that the A and R came from an existing joint surname. She also said she couldn't think of scenarios when initials were routinely used, hence her belief that it may not be a big deal.

That was an argument one person wasn't having: "It doesn’t matter how often they’re used - it’s an appalling idea nonetheless!"
But despite NordicNobody's reasoning, members of the forum continued to be horrified, with many noting that they used their initials at work.

"I remember the mirth of a bunch of lads in my old office when they found out one of their gang had Malcolm as a middle name. I can’t imagine their excitement if they’d had something as ridiculous as LIAR to take the piss out of," one person wrote.

"Why would you want to saddle your child with such a terrible acronym?" added another.

With such an overwhelming consensus, we hope that the woman takes heed. Because, really, the suggestion of LIAR as initials for her baby girl, seriously defies, ahem, belief.

What do you think of the initials L.I.A.R.? Tell us in the comments.