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People are calling this the worst instructional hip hop video ever.

There’s a whole lot of jazz hands in this hip hop video.

As a general rule, old instructional videos are hilarious.

Apparently though, the best variety of these videos are those that combine questionable dance moves with a good dose of cultural appropriation thrown in.

Enter what many are calling the worst hip hop instructional video ever created.

Uploaded to YouTube in 2010, this video shows Dina demonstrating ‘how to hip hop’.

The result is… well just watch.

Video via Youtube

In case you can’t watch it right now, we’ve helpfully created gifs for everything you need to know to be a hip-hop pro.

First of all, there’s how to walk as a hip-hopper (feet turned out, in case you’re wondering):

worst hip hop video

The proper use of head bops:

worst hip hop class


How to hip hop as a group:

worst hip hop class

And of course, what to do with your legs:

Worst hip hop class


You’re welcome.

To be fair, this video looks to be dated somewhere in the 80s or 90s, and hip hop as a genre has progressed somewhat since then (the lack of The Running Man now is a real loss though).

Nonetheless, many comments on the internet have sarcastically commented on the typically “white” nature of Dina the instructor’s style, and the various times it misses the mark a bit.

Worst hip hop video
Source: YouTube
Worst hip hop video
Source: YouTube
Worst hip hop video
Source: Reddit

Although many have claimed that this is the worst hip hop video of all time, this is the Internet and there are of course other contenders.

Thos “Country hip hop dancing” instructional video (yes, it’s a fusion of country dancing and hip hop) made the rounds on YouTube five years ago.

To be honest, we can’t pick a clear winner between the above hip hop video and this one, you’ll need to watch for yourself to decide.

As Diane Horner says at the end of her instructional Country hip hop video, “That’s it! THE hip hop”.

Enough said.

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