"Pie is trash." People are sharing their thoughts on 'overrated' foods on Twitter and it's very controversial.

The greatest debate of 2019 is currently happening on Twitter, and it’s over controversial opinions about food.

Like your family’s oven on Christmas, it’s getting heated.

This debate is like the great New York Times Aperol Spritz debacle of May, 2019, which condemned the ‘happy hour drink’ as overrated Instagram fodder. It also exposed all the other overrated foods we’ve been subjected to, like almond milk, kangaroo meat, stevia and vodka sodas… I mean, where’s the sweetness???

Apparently six fries are the perfect amount of chips to eat, and excuse us? Post continues below.

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Twitter user Jon Becker (@jonbecker) kicked off the discussion by posting a tweet which asked people to comment with their “most controversial food opinion”.

Heated exchanges over the validity of lettuce, dessert, and mochas ensued.


The responses make you realise not all taste buds are created equal. As in, some people have them, and others simply do not.

Here were the best… well, worst responses from the Twitter thread.









In honour of the viral tweet, we asked the Mamamia office to share their most controversial food opinions. And we way never be able to look at some of our colleagues in the same way again.

– “Dessert is by far the least exciting course. I could happily never eat a dessert again. In fact: cheeseboard is the only worthy dessert.”

– “Drinking glasses of milk on the regular as an adult is perfectly normal. I’m laughing over here with my invincibones.”

– “Avocado is trash.”

– “I’m personally a fan of Vegemite and banana on toast. It kind of has a salted caramel-esque appeal.”

– “I have never eaten a Big Mac or a Pot Noodle and never will. Also, chocolate is overrated.”

– “My dad eats (specifically) burnt toast with Vegemite AND marmalade mixed on top.”

– “Brussel sprouts are the shit. Peanut butter is vile. Chocolate is just… ok.”

– “Tinned tuna is cat food. Don’t @ me.”

– “My Canadian Christmas tradition: mashed sweet potatoes mixed with a dash of orange juice (fresh, duh), then topped with roasted marshmallows and pecans… best served with turkey.”

– “I tried both the Pumpkin Spice Frappuccino and the Gingerbread Frappuccino from Starbucks recently. Both are truly horrid.”

What is your most ‘controversial food opinion’? Tell us in a comment below.

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