8 foods that nutrition experts refuse to eat

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When you’re pushing your trolley around the supermarket, the food options can get a little bit overwhelming. Especially when so many of them are now being marketed as “healthy”  – even items that are anything but.

Organic‘, ‘fat-free’ and ‘sugar-free’ labels are everywhere, and nutritional panels are only getting more confusing.

So we went and had a chat to three different nutritional experts – Kara Landau, aka the Travelling Dietitian, an Accredited Practicing Dietician living in NYC; Nicole Senior, an Accredited Practicing Dietician from Sydney; and Kirsty Welsh, personal trainer and holistic health and wellness coach – to find out about the food products they tend to avoid.

Their insights were really interesting. “The foods that I tend to avoid would be those that are the worst offenders when it comes to unnatural trans fats or seriously highly refined carbohydrate-based products that also have sugar added,” explains Kara. “I tend to avoid anything processed – what’s that going to do to your body?  You’re putting your body at risk,” Kirsty adds.

So next time you go to the shops, have a think about putting these items on your not-to-buy list.

What are the foods you always avoid putting in your trolley? 

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