The worst first names parents have actually named their kids.

What is the most ridiculous name you’ve ever heard?

There was a girl in my primary school whose name was Madonna – her brother? Eminem.

I thought I had peaked but after finding out that American TV chef George Foreman named all five of his sons, George Foreman, I feel like I have a way to go.

Online anonymous forum Reddit posed the question to its community and the responses were predictably… unpredictable.


User ohboythisisit said: “However, they insisted it was pronounced Olivia.”

Jericho Nightwolf

User Citizen_of_hell said: “My aunt teaches a kid named Jericho NightWolf. I think it’s pretty awesome though.”


User FogWalkerWithaBag said: “My friend who works for Social Security came across the name “Quistina” like “Christina” said with a lisp.”

Juno MacGuff in Juno. Source: Mandate Pictures.


User HandmeMOREchocolate said: 'Mango. They called their fucking kid Mango.'


User pixie_pie said: "Tuba. It's a turkish name but the family lives in a country where nobody knows the real meaning behind it and only thinks of the musical instrument. Poor girl."



User foobphys said: "One of the students in my dorm was named Colon."

George Foreman to the power of five.

User tsfoine said: "George Foreman named all five of his sons George Edward Foreman. One of his daughters is named Georgetta."


User eatsleeplaugh said: "I knew a kid called "Cinnamon" and she was so cute. I can't imagine her being called anything else (though I can't imagine her being anything other than a 2 year old, running around in dungarees, with paint all over her face either)."

Memphis Rains in Gone in 60 Seconds. Source; Touchstone Pictures.


User Athena the Great said: "A friend of mine worked as a pediatric nurse. She told me of a girl named Honasty (pronounced Honesty)

Strawberry, Honey Bee and Orion.

User Ganthamus_prime said: "I know a family with kids named: strawberry, honey bee, and the most normal: orion."

Galaxy, Neptune, and Uranus

User mpdscb said: "My daughters had friends in middle school whose parents were astronomers. They named their three girls Galaxy, Neptune, and Uranus. I really felt sorry for Uranus. This is 100% true."


User AWildCookieMonster said: "My girlfriend is named Patience after the Guns n' Roses song. I'm the only one who still goes "Just have... Patience" if she wants something. She has almost hit me several times."


User Photovoltaic said:  "I taught a boy named "Lightning" how to swim. He was not particularly quick, as his name implied."

Watch as Mamamia lists some of the worst baby names we've found. 

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