"Just pooping in my colleague". 27 work email mistakes that are so bad we're blushing.

For all of technology’s advancements and wonders, it still doesn’t protect us from the fallacy of human error.

Take email – the culprit behind many a workplace blunder. From auto-correct fails, CC-ing people into the email who most definitely shouldn’t be in said email or a wrongly placed ‘reply all,’ we have all been there.

Take Twitter user Maurice (@mo87mo87). In a now-viral Twitter thread, the co-director of Detroit financial watchdog, Acre, shared his most “embarrassing” stuff up and it’s so far attracted over 1,600 comments, 485,200 likes and 44,700 retweets.

– Sent an email
– They replied & called me “Mautice”
– I reply with a stink about how my name is properly spelled and that it’s actually really important to me
– They told me to check my 1st email
– I had misspelled my own name

Yikes. As he later tweeted: “r and t are quite close,” and indeed they are. So close and yet so far.

Other Twitter users also chimed in with their own fails, because as we all know, the death grip of anxiety weakens when we share it around.









Because sharing is caring, here’s a running tally of the most cringe-inducing email fails the Mamamia community have ever personally done or bore witness to.

– I once addressed an email to an agency rep years ago – his name was Clint…but I accidentally left out the ‘n’…

– I was a receptionist for an acting agency. I once emailed all of these big wig actors in CC INSTEAD of BCC AND didn’t realise the email I was forwarding was addressed to individuals instead of just a generic invite. So huge name actors got an email inviting them to Sydney Kings basketball game addressed to Bryan Brown. And I sent it to like Nicole Kidman, Geoffrey Rush, Sam Neill… and on and on and on. The only thing more embarrassing than this was Richard Roxburgh replying saying “Could I go if I pretend to be Bryan Brown?” it was like my second week there and I wanted to die.

– ‘Just pooping in my colleague…’, instead of ‘looping in’.

– My colleague said ‘Have a lonely Christmas’ instead of lovely. Ouch.

– I asked someone if they were “busty” instead of if they were “busy”.

– At a previous job I sent an email to my coworker asking how to do something saying I didn’t want to ask my boss because she was mean, me being me, without realizing I sent it to the group inbox instead which she checks first… She just ignored it and flagged it FYI. I feel like she relished in it a bit.

– When I was very early in my career, I forwarded an email from a publicist to a colleague with a pretty snarky remark about their pitch. Then I received an email back from the publicist, who I had accidentally left on the email. “Dear Natalie. I’m sorry to hear you thought my pitch was ridiculous…” they wrote back. CRINGE.

– A friend I used to work with replied to a weekly meeting invite, which was this really boring mundane meeting no one ever wanted to go to – he meant to just reply to me and another friend at work, but instead hit reply all and wrote ‘omg I can’t wait for this meeting’ — in a very sarcastic tone. Lucky it wasn’t worse – we couldn’t stop laughing.

As we said, the scorn of email doesn’t discriminate.

What has been the worst mistake you’ve ever made on email? Tell us in a comment below.

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