If you haven't done your Christmas shopping yet, here is the worst day to go.

If you haven’t gotten around to doing your Christmas shopping just yet, we need you tune in and pay attention. That genius plan you had to wake up early on Saturday morning and hit the shopping centre in one fell swoop may not be so failsafe after all.

Earlier this week, the Commonwealth Bank released a survey pinpointing the three worst days to do your Christmas shopping, and we’re sad to say December 17 is officially at the number one spot. And in case you missed that, December 17 is tomorrow.

worst day to do christmas shopping
Prepare for hell. Source: iStock.

Sweetly labelled "Super Saturday" it's set to be about as close to hell on earth as you're sure to get. Think mass crowds, long queues, prams-a-plenty and not a bloody carpark to spare.

Okay, so Saturday's out. Turn off your alarm, go back to bed, treat yourself to some smashed avocado on toast. You'll just do the shopping Sunday, right?

Wrong. The survey found that December 18 is set to be the second worst day to do your Christmas shopping. Think mass crowds, long queues, crying children and no carparks, round II.

worst day to do christmas shopping
The best offence is a good defence. Source: iStock.

The third and final worst day, the survey says, is set to be next Thursday, December 22.

But before you despair and resign yourself to being the token relative that shows up with boxes of Favourites for everyone, we do have some good news. If you're willing to play a long game, things are set to improve from December 23 onwards.

And in addition to being good for your sanity and overall well-being, holding out is also good for your wallet.

worst day to do christmas shopping
Enter at your own risk. Source: iStock.

According to, those who do the last minute scramble from December 21 on wards will spend around $343 - less than half of those who begin shopping weeks earlier.

Take on the weekend shopping challenge if you want, but it seems that statistics are imploring you to stay in bed and save some money...