"My boyfriend kissed my friend right in front of me. Welcome to the worst date ever.”

I had been seeing Jordan for about a month when he invited me to the pub with a few of his friends.

At the time, I was smitten. He was funny and extremely charismatic.

The kind of charismatic you should always be wary of.

You see, Jordan’s reputation preceded him.

I knew he had cheated on a girlfriend in the past. He drank a lot. He had a big group of male friends who I’d heard didn’t always treat girls very nicely.


But he was older now and I was sure he would’ve matured. (Idiot).

There were a few red flags. Image supplied.

So off I went to the pub on a Saturday night. I tried to look kind of casual, but obviously I'd tried really hard.

His friends seemed nice. I was the only girl so I decided I'd invite my friend, Sara, who lived around the corner. She was newly single and I was surrounded by 10 available dudes.

I was helpin' a sista out. I felt very proud and thought I deserved an award for being such an outstanding friend.

An hour later she showed up. We shared some dinner and had a good chat. It turned out she actually knew the guy I was seeing from years ago, so they began to catch up, and I spoke to some of the other guys that were there.

Nothing about the situation bothered me in the slightest.

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As the night began to wind down I was pretty keen to go home, but one of the guys, Matthew, suggested we all go back to his house. His parents were away and he had an incredible pool. Jordan and Sara were keen so I shrugged my shoulders and off we went.

As we walked to his house, Jordan held my hand and told me how much he liked me. The whole thing had become very intense, very quickly. But I figured that was probably because he liked me so much...obviously.

When we got to this unbelievable house, I realised it was just the four of us. "Ooh," I thought. "Sara must be interested in Matthew wooohooooo." And I tapped myself on the back thinking I was an absolute champ. Call me Cupid.

Matthew then offered to show me the pool, and pools are generally pretty cool, so I went with him. About half way down I realised that Jordan and Sara weren't with us. Still, I thought, they probably just got lost in this labyrinthian mansion. Honest mistake.

After we checked it out, we walked back into the kitchen and I could hear whispering.


I looked into the walk-in pantry, and there was Jordan, with his arm around Sara, trying to kiss her.

I heard her say "But you're seeing Jessie..."

Suddenly, they realised I was standing there.

The strangest thing, even stranger than having my current boyfriend try to kiss my friend who I had invited, was that they both pretended nothing had happened.

I went into the bathroom fighting back tears and frantically called my sister to come and pick me up. I felt physically sick. When I hung up, I saw I'd be sent a number of snapchats from Sara of the two sitting on the lounge, arms around each other, smiling.

"I saw I'd be sent a number of snapchats from Sara of the two sitting on the lounge, arms around each other, smiling." Image via iStock.


There are so many things I wish I did at this moment, like break out into an Oprah-esque speech about respect and how I was worth so much more than this. But I didn't because the whole situation was super awkward and I just needed to get out of there are quickly as I could.

Jordan tried to put his arm around me, and I pushed him off and left. No one followed me. No one called me.

They both stayed there that night.

The next day I received calls from both of them, apologising.

Sorry or not, I think it probably has to be one of the worst 'dates' I've ever been on.

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