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Your worst-ever date in 5 words. Go.


We may have just lost our faith in humankind.

Or had the most fun we’ve had in for ever. We can’t decide.

For anyone who has ever gone on a first date, a last date or is currently dating – this is for you. For the women and men who have sat through dates like the ones below – we take our hats off to you.

This week, the hashtag #WorstDateIn5Words is trending on Twitter and it has been gathering a lot of hilarious confessions from people who have lived through and endured some of the worst dates in history.

You need to see them to believe. Story continues after the gallery.

Here at Mamamia, we just couldn’t get enough so we asked the team to tell us (in 5 words) what their worst dates have been. The answers are just…wow.

Please add yours to the the list in the comments.

Patted my friend’s arse. Twice.


Ordered my meal for me.


Told me he was married.


Measured my body fat percentage.


“Australia should be white only.”


Paid for own birthday dinner :(


Dude bragged about his salary.


Stole something on the date.


Vomited in his friend’s car.


Revealed other womens’ naked selfies.

Asked me to pat him.


Tried to make sex tape.


“My ex’s a slutty bitch.”


“I’m not a racist… but”


Started ACTUALLY DENYING the Holocaust.


“I do not like pizza.”


Tried to kiss while smoking.


Didn’t know how to use knife/fork.


Was a Young Liberals member.


Kissed like a cobra snake.


Ripped on my lisp.


Called me a lesbian feminist.


“I’m addicted to coke/gambling.”


Couldn’t name the Prime Minister.


 Made fun of overweight people.


Raw egg… Sloppy egg kiss.


Oi – we’re just glad these poor souls made it through. And now it’s Friday  – Go forth.


Tell us about your worst date in 5 words.