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Man gets the worst present in history from his girlfriend. Asks the internet for advice.

Christmas time is stressful.

Often due to the pressure involved in nailing that perfect Christmas present for your significant other, yet also because of the awkwardness that omes after you are given a Christmas present that you clearly did not want.

We’ve all been there. And so too has a bloke named Chris (@chrisplug), from the Twittersphere.

Chris took to his social media to ask for some much needed advice, on what he should do after his girlfriend gifted him a pair of Crocs as his Christmas present.

And not just any Crocs. But, the ugliest pair of shoes in the history of the universe.

Take a look…

fellas you unwrap a christmas gift from your girl and find this, wyd

We cannot think of a single situation in which these would be useful.

As you can imagine, the people had feelings about this. Many feelings.

Responses on Twitter were, of course, hilarious. And surprisingly, very positive.



So, what would you do if you were in his position? Would you put a ring on her?

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