The worst Christmas presents our team has received.

Lesson: Nobody wants these gifts on their Christmas list.

I’ve started thinking about the best and worst Christmas gifts I’ve ever received.

Now we all know that Christmas is about giving, and any gift is nice to receive of course.

But let’s be honest, we’ve all had some stinkers.

You know, the kind where the person sits looking at you, waiting in anticipation to see the excitement on your face. You muster up your best “uuaaahhhhhhhh…. I love it!” and later ponder what the F they were thinking in buying you a prawn peeler when you’re allergic to seafood.

I’ll go first.

One year, my aunt and uncle gave me a box of g-strings. Which I actually did like, they were gorgeous.

The thing is however, that at our Christmas’ we all sit around and open presents one by one, while the rest of the family watches anticipating your response.

Uhhhhh... Thanks?

My aunt also films the entire thing for historical documentation.

So there I am, my turn to unwrap, and my uncle shouts, "Don't take too thong about it" killing himself with laughter.

I then had to pull each lacy g-banger out of the box and hold it up to my mum, dad, brother and extended family while people took happy snaps for the archives.

Another year, my aunt (a different one) gave both of my uncles a cookie.

Merry Christmas

Just the one.

They gave her platinum tickets to Elton John.


And then my personal favourite is the year I decided to really put some thought into my gifts for the family.

I thought long and hard about the right pressie for my elderly Nan (there is only so much hand cream and soap you can give a person right?).

So I found a nice stationary set, not the kind you pick up for a few bucks 'down the newsagent', this was a really pretty (read: exy) designer stationary set that came in a wooden box, with a floral design engraved around the sides. It was very unique and I thought it was perfect.

I also had a pen beautifully engraved with her name.

I'd nailed it.

You can imagine my surprise when the following year my mum was lucky enough to receive an identical stationary set and pen- engraved with Nan's name.

Or you know, whoever

Rule one, if you're going to regift something, for God's sake remember who gave it to you in the first place and rule two,  always check for personalisation before passing your unwanted presents on to someone else.

Having recounted these stories to the Mamamia office, it seems there have been some pretty horrible (and hilarious) Christmas gift bombs. 

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Whats the best and worst Christmas gifts you're received?

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