A NSW girl was locked in a box and raped by her father while her mother let it happen for 14 years.

Warning: This post contains graphic and distressing details of child sex abuse, rape and violence. 

For 14 years this young woman from NSW was raped, molested, mutilated and abused by her father. She was locked in a shed or a small box outside and sexually abused. She was made to perform sex acts on him for Father’s Day or birthdays.

For 14 years – from the time he first raped her at the age of five while her mother was in hospital giving birth to her sister – to the time she was 18 she was subjected to one of the worst cases of child abuse a court had heard.

Her mother – who condoned the abuse, told her that her father was “doing what was best.”

Sydney's District Court. Via Twitter.

Now, this young woman has stood before her abusers and faced them telling them their "putrid acts of torture" will haunt her forever but not break her.

In Sydney's District Court the young woman, along with her sister, who was also abused faced her parents.

The mother and father sat there, supported by another sibling, and heard from the daughters whose lives they destroyed. The father still denying it, at one stage telling the court he was not responsible for the abuse.

The Sydney Morning Herald reports that the oldest sister said despite their "evil” and “putrid acts” she had survived.

She had gone back to TAFE, finished Year 12 and was now putting herself through a degree at university.

She said she wanted a "chance at closure and to start a new life".

Her parents were convicted over the abuse in July.

Those who sat through the 12 week trial described it as the worst case of child abuse they had heard.

For nights on end, the girl would be tied and left in the shed, and when she grew older, she would be locked inside a tiny box. During these periods, she was left unfed and forced to miss school. When her siblings asked where she was, the father would lie saying she was at a friend's house.

The court heard that the daughter grew up desperately wanting to please her father, who had also given up his job to act as her sporting coach when she began to show exceptional talent. On "special days" she was particularly desperate to keep him happy, so he would not be angry.


One "special day" was Father's Day, and after bringing him breakfast in bed, the father forced her to perform sexual acts on him.

The court heard that the daughter grew up desperately wanting to please her father. Via iStock.

The abuse continued to become more savage as the girl competed in national sporting events – with her father hoping she would make it to the Olympics.

But when she did not perform at the standard her father desired he would rape her.

The court heard the man incited the daughter when she was 12, to perform acts of sexual indecency on her mother.

A chicken coop on their property in Northern NSW became a torture chamber where she was raped and mutilated with tools. By the age of 14, the father became worried she would fall pregnant and so began dropping medicine balls 60 times on her stomach. He told his other children that it was one of her new training techniques.

She was raped in a chicken coop on their property

When she got older he would lock her in a tiny box that the family usually kept their sporting gear inside.

The woman has "My father inflicted evil," she told the court. "He abused me in such ways that I thought I was going to die. My mother didn't stop him and did not protect me. My childhood was lost and I can never get it back."

The woman said she has been unable to commit to a job and sees a psychiatrist twice a week saying she "struggles to function … maintain normal daily activities".

"My focus, my goal throughout my childhood was to survive and to satisfy [my father's] needs so that he wasn't angry,".

"If that meant [competing at sport] or pleasing him in sexual ways, that is what it meant.

"Now, on this day and every day for the rest of my life, I have to find some way to move on from his abuse."

She says her goal, whether in sport or through sexual acts was pleasing her father. Via iStock.

She detailed how she still struggles with basic spelling and grammar because as a child "as long as my abusers were gratified my education was unimportant".

"Speaking out and telling the truth has given me strength and closure beyond words, but I will never forget. I will never live a day of my life where the abuse I suffered does not haunt me."

Her mother and father will be sentenced in October.

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