The 13 beauty trends we're happy to farewell this year.

Image: Supplied.

Each year, we see a whole host of different beauty trends pop up on runways, celebrities and our Instagram feed. 2015 was a year dominated by thick brows, rainbow hair, bold lips, extreme nail art and a whole lot of strobing.

Some we wanted to try really badly, and others were just, well, bad.

From clown contouring to power brows, here are the 13 beauty beauty trend we’re happy to say farewell to this year. (WATCH: Post continues after video.)

1. Stiletto Nails

Long, razor sharp and impractical, we just don’t get how anyone functions with these super long talons.

Image: Instagram.

2. Crazy Contouring

From clown to star wars contouring, the contouring craze has gone too far. A seriously handy makeup trick, normal contouring is hard enough to master. (Post continues after gallery.)

3. Shaggy Hair

While it looks great on the likes of Taylor Swift and Alexa Chung, shaggy hair doesn't exactly look neat on those of us who don't have a stylist on speed dial. 2016, we want more blunt cuts please!

Image: Instagram (@alexachung)

4. Ombre

Ombre and its various offspring have been around for what feels like decades - time for something fresh and new like babylights to take centre stage.

More babylights please! Image: Instagram (@mirandakerr)

5. Donut hair buns

The only donuts we want are for dessert.

6. Power Brows

Because those of us who overplucked in the '90s are fed up of feeling seriously left out.

7. Too much cosmetic surgery, too young.

Cosmetic surgery is entirely an individual's personal choice, but when teenagers are being allowed to have procedures we're questioning things.

Image: Instagram (@kyliejenner)

8. Brown Lipstick

Brown for eyes? Love it. Brown for lips? Not so much. Let's have less minimalism and more colour.

9. Anything '90s inspired

It should be strictly kept to a throwback or themed party. Just us?

10. Eyebrows on Fleek

We know how important it is to shape and maintain your brows, but spending 15 minutes styling them to look like everyone elses? We want something a little more low-maintenance please. (Post continues after gallery.)

11. Overdrawn lips

 When done improperly, it looks like a badly done Halloween costume. Time to embrace the natural shape.

12. Victoria's Secret Runway Hair

Yes it looks great, but after seeing it for what feels like the 10th year in the row, we're ready to mix it up a little.

13. Bubble nails

Honestly? We're concerned that this was ever a trend in the first place.

What trends would you like to see stay in 2015?