Just 6 times Tyra Banks ruined people’s hair on America’s Next Top Model.

Everyone has a favourite part of America’s Next Top Model and if they don’t say it’s watching people lose their sh*t over terrible haircuts, they’re probably lying.

The American series is full of whack hair-dos and it’s all because the American season has Tyra Banks.


You see, for some strange reason, Tyra really likes to f*ck with people’s hair.

And to be honest, we kind of love it.

From Shei Phan’s Cruella DeVille inspired hair to Laura Lafrate’s very patriotic do, here’s six times Tyra completely ruined people’s hair on America’s Next Top Model.

You’re welcome.

Cassandra Jean – America’s Next Top Model Season 5.

Cassie Jean's pixie cut. Image: The CW.

Cassie’s blonde pixie do certainly isn’t the worst haircut that has been thrust upon a contestant, but the look was too short for Cassie who decided to leave the competition rather than have an extra inch and a half taken off, stating that she felt the competition was trying to ‘change her too much’.

Honestly, it seems like a bad time to leave. I probably would have left BEFORE the scissors came out? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

Side note - rewatch Tyra Banks' infamous "We were all rooting for you" outburst on America's Next Top Model. Post continues after video. 

Video by America's Next Top Model

Brittany Hatch – America’s Next Top Model Season 8.

Brittany was known as the, ahem… ‘fiery one’ in her series.

For example, when she was late to a challenge that was judged on you being, well, on time, she completely lost it in a dramatic tantrum, only to be reminded by another contestant that “some people have war in their countries”.


The only thing worse than her attitude? Tyra's makeover, of course.

Brittany Hatch on ANTM. Image: The CW.

Brittany’s makeover included a mess of bright red faux hair sewn to her scalp. The weave eventually went a really weird texture that Tyra said looked like a “hamster that had died on [her] head”.

Tyra, pls. You did this.


Shei Phan – America’s Next Top Model Season 21.

Tyra. Please.

Image: The CW.

Poor Shei Phan was given this Cruella DeVille inspired hair-do during cycle 21.

Look, I’m sure it looked great on camera and definitely seems like one of those cool girl Instagram looks that are 100 per cent not practical, but did they really need to DYE HER EYEBROWS TO MATCH?!

Shei Phan looking very unhappy with her ANTM makeover. Image: The CW.

Tyra, she looks like she has one eyebrow, WHO IS LETTING YOU MAKE THESE DECISIONS?!


Laura Lafrate – America’s Next Top Model Season 18 (British Invasion).

This season of ANTM featured both American AND British contestants, and because there were so many of them it appears Tyra needed to ensure she could differentiate between the Americans and the Brits.

Cue the patriotic hair, inspired by the American flag. FFS.

Laura Lafrate's American flag inspired hair. Image: The CW.

Tyra, this wasn’t… necessary. They had different accents...

Michelle Deighton – America’s Next Top Model Season 4.

Michelle had a bad time on ANTM. She contracted a skin condition that all the girls made fun of, then Tyra decided to fry her hair to a crisp in just one sitting. Yikes.

Michelle Deighton's bleached hair. Image: The CW.

For anyone that has ever bleached their hair, you know. I don’t even have to tell you. For those who haven’t, you can’t possibly understand.

My scalp hurts for her.

Marvita Washington – America’s Next Top Model Season 10.

Marvita Washington's clip on mullet. Image: The CW.

Oh honey, you did not deserve this.

This is the season where Tyra didn’t tell them what was happening to their hair, they just had to… have it done. Which means poor Marvita didn’t even have a chance to leg it away from Tyra who was seen in a pre-recorded video saying her inspiration for Marvitas hair was a horse. A HORSE. SHE LITERALLY NEIGHED.


This is the worst thing that has ever happened to anyone’s hair ever. But also… how does she still look good?

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