Sam Frost just slammed her online haters with the perfect response.

Ah the Internet.

Forever concerned about the wellbeing of poor, vulnerable women.

This week in ‘You’re-too-skinny-and-we’re-concerned’ we have Sam Frost Vs. The People.

Sam Frost, once our beloved Bachelorette, and now one half of radio show Rove and Sam, is kind of a big deal on Instagram. The 26-year-old boasts over 400, 000 followers, and among them seem to be a handful of ‘haters’ (to use the technical term.)

Sam Frost sings Hanson live on air. Post continues after video.

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You see, Frost’s weight has been the subject of much speculation. Why you ask? Because, my naive friend, over the years it has changed. 

We first met Sam Frost on The Bachelor, where, according to Frost herself, she put on a few kilos. Turns out there isn’t too much to do in a house waiting to go on a date, so she says she ate more chocolate and bread than usual.

After the tragedy of which we do not speak (Blake dumped her for the chick that came third) Frost lost weight. Can you even DEAL with the excitement of this narrative?

Sam Frost with he-who-must-not-be-named. Image via Channel 10.

Frost then appeared as our Bachelorette looking fit and toned. Her secret you ask? Diet and exercise. THE PLOT THICKENS.


Our sweetheart Frost then met Sash, which we all know is a match made in Heaven. She shaves his back hair for goodness sake #relationshipgoals.

Sydney turning it up ☀️ @dave_billsborrow @sash1313

A photo posted by Sam Frost (@fro01) on Mar 11, 2016 at 9:11pm PST

Frost now co-hosts a radio show with Rove McManus, so has remained very much  in the spotlight. In recent weeks, Frost has uploaded a few pictures of herself where apparently she looks thinner than usual. You heard correctly – her weight has fluctuated.


Frost, who obviously has to defend herself against such a transgression, has attributed her slender frame to a change in lifestyle. Her morning radio routine means that she has to be up very early, which means no going out, and hardly any drinking. But The People are concerned. They don’t like change. It is their responsibility, nay their right, to police Sam Frost’s body.


My bestie @abitfrosty love my little bro x


A photo posted by Sam Frost (@fro01) on Mar 14, 2016 at 1:46am PDT

They have taken to Instagram to express their concern. They don’t think bony looks very nice. According to them, she looks unhealthy.

Now, I haven’t had the time to get out my tape measure and properly examine Frost’s alleged weight loss. Frost herself says she has probably lost a bit of weight. Life is a funny thing. Sometimes, depending on your circumstances, you weigh a bit more, and sometimes you weigh a bit less. Profound stuff. Remind me to put that into an Instagram quote generator and hashtag #inspirational #quoteoftheday.

Frost has since deleted all the hateful comments and posted this message to her followers:

Good on her. The policing of women’s bodies, which is literally the backbone of the tabloid industry, hails from some outdated notion that women are public property. Frost’s body is not for us. I, personally, do not have a degree in Psychology. I am far from qualified to comment on whether or not I think Frost is suffering from an eating disorder. But even, hypothetically, if she were ‘sick’ – something tells me that yelling ‘unhealthy’ and ‘bony’ at her across the Internet, is probably not the treatment that Psychologists would recommend.

We salute Frost for deleting the negativity. Body shaming is becoming increasingly tiresome. Perhaps instead, we can endeavor to shift the conversation away from the subject of women’s weight and appearance and towards what they do and think.