World's sexiest teacher lands Armani modelling contract.

He has a PhD in engineering from University College London, a six pack more chiseled than a stone tablet and a modelling contract with Armani.

But Pietro Boselli, 28, is just a maths teacher.

Boselli rose to fame after students at his university began posting sneaky photos they had taken of him during class online.

The photos went so viral that Boselli was entered into the World’s Sexiest Teacher competition and won.

But this isn’t Boselli’s first time in front of a camera – in fact, Boselli was initially scouted by Armani when he just seven.


In an interview with The Times, Boselli told the paper he kept his modelling past a secret from his students to escape the academic community’s judgement.

“I think, in a way, I was ashamed. I thought people in academia would look down on me.” He said.

In an unsurprising move, Boselli has now been chosen as the new face for Giorgio Armani’s sporty EA7 line.

Here he is in Sydney in early March, I bet you wish you knew he was in Sydney in early March. Source: Facebook.

Last year when reported on the rising star, they quoted his Instagram following as over 115, 000 followers.

Today his count rests just under 900,000.

Here he is just casually tousling his tousled hair – oh, you have a camera? He didn’t know. Source: Facebook.

But even Boselli isn’t spared the cruel commentary of social media, he told The Times people judge him for his modelling choices.

“People ask me ‘why are you topless in pictures? Why don’t you have any clothes on?’ But training is a big part of my life.” He said.

“I started going to the gym when I moved to London and, like everything I do, I’m very focused. I train once or twice a day and I’m happy to get recognition for having a good physique.”

Boselli plans on using the money earned from his modelling career to one day open his own engineering firm.