The world's best dog is a fluffy pouffe of fluff.


A six-year-old named Flynn decided he couldn’t exit his career without one last show-stopping performance on Tuesday night, being crowned the best doggo of all the doggos at the Westminster Kennel Club.

Some say this award means Flynn is the best dog in “America”. Those people are “wrong”. Flynn is the best dog in the whole world.

The bichon frise – who has won 42 ‘best in show’ gongs and enjoys chowing down on gourmet beef liver in his leisure time – was certainly the underdog of the competition.

Reportedly, the rowdy crowd fell into “stunned silence” when judge Betty-Anne Stenmark announced the white fluffy mcfluffball was their glorious champion.

FLUFF. (Image: Getty)

CNN reported that Ty the giant schnauzer, Biggie the pug, Bean the Sussex spaniel, Lucy the orzoi, Slick the border collie and Winston the Norfolk terrier were perplexed and appalled by the decision. "The dog looks like an $8 Kmart cushion", the canines communicated in barks next to the podium (dog whisperers deciphered the bark-speak exclusively for Mamamia).

The 142nd Westminster event, held at Madison Square Garden, attracted 2882 entries in over 200 breeds.

Meanwhile, five people have gone missing after being sucked into Flynn's unbelievable fur.

More to come.