How the world reacted to the ousting of our Prime Minister.

Another day, another PM.

When it comes to political coups, Australians seem to fall into one of two groups.

There are those that gather around ABC24 with champagne, popcorn and mates. And there are those who roll their eyes and watch The Block instead.

After three successful spills and a couple of cracks in recent years, we have our leadership challenge routines pretty well down pat.

But as we endured our fourth change in Prime Minister since 2010 this week, the rest of the world was wondering just what the hell was going on.

Who’s in charge again?

After all, the last three American leaders have each served two terms – the maximum permitted. The New Zealand Prime Minister is coming up to his seven-year anniversary. And the United Kingdom have had two changes in leadership over the past 18 years.

Australia’s revolving-door style of leadership is getting to be a bit of a joke. And the entire world is laughing.

This is how international news outlets reacted to our latest display of political shambles:

1. Naturally, they couldn’t get over the onion thing.

The New Yorker’s executive editor Amelia Lester started and ended her insightful autopsy of our recently departed PM’s reign in the aptly titled ‘Tony Abbott’s Long Demise’ on the topic of onions.

“The Australian people greeted another bloodless coup at the pinnacle of their government with indifference — and onions,” she began.

The revered publication ran this photo with the article.

She went on to describe Abbott’s “feckless machismo, which often verged on eccentricity” that saw him bite into a raw onion and declare it “better than any other onions I’ve eaten in a long time” – explaining that it prompted the bizarre and hilarious #putoutyouronions trend.

(Lester also ran through the gamut of Abbott’s failings and gaffes – including the whole knighting Prince Philip thing, the shirt-front thing and the Minister for Women thing – and concluded: “Little wonder that Monday’s leadership challenge was the second for Abbott in seven months.”)

“The onions are out, keeping vigil for the Mad Monk, but for most Australians there are no tears.”

2. He was remembered primarily for his many, many gaffes.

With the blood still dripping from Abbott’s back, international outlets went into overdrive compiling his ‘best of’ reel… well, his best gaffes at least.


This is how he will be remembered…

The Telegraph (UK):

The New Zealand Herald (NZ):


3. Our dysfunctional “revolving door” of leaders was pointed out (loud and clear).

The Chicago Tribune (US):

The Guardian (UK):

The Independent (UK):

But they are not the only ones who have had a “gutful” of the antics of our elected leaders. Closer to home, Karl Stefanovic gave the pollies the serve they desperately deserve.

“Have we the people become irrelevant…?” Stefanovic asked.

“It’s called the House of Representatives, but how could you think the people inside do anything but represent themselves?”

“This country has become an embarrassment when it comes to leadership — on both sides of politics.”

We hear you, Karl. We just hope Canberra does too.

What would you like the world to know about our political system?