Revealed: The ideal 'beauty' in every country in the world.

Well this is a first. A new beauty project has used excessive photoshop to ‘perfect’ an image of journalist Ester Honig.

And you know what? We kind of love it. In fact? We’d like to propose a standing ovation for Photoshop for being interesting rather than cruel and ridiculous, for possibly the first time ever.

Honig created the Before and After project to look at ideals of beauty and how they are different in various countries around the world. She sent a natural, make-up and jewellery-free shot of herself to designers of different nationalities and asked them to get their Photoshop on. She asked them – to make her more beautiful.

The results? Fascinating.

While each image is significantly retouched, each designer revealed a slightly different cultural take on what beauty is. Some applied bold and over-the-top beauty queen make up, other plucked Honig’s eyebrows within an inch of their life. Some slimmed her cheekbones and some elongated her neck; others made her fairer or conversely, more tan.

The project has delivered an amazing insight into how we perceive beauty and the different standards of female perfection across the globe.