Six people prove a corporate dress code doesn't have to be boring.

Uniforms don’t end when school does – when you work in a corporate office, it can quickly feel like your wardrobe options are seriously limited.

They don’t have to be.

We took to the streets of Sydney to find women proving “corporate” doesn’t have to mean boring.


Image: Supplied/Mamamia

Rong, 36, Banker.

Jacket: Portmans, Top: H&M, Skirt and earrings: Oxford, Shoes: Christian Louboutin, Purse: Mulberry.

"It's my first time wearing this combination. I do wear individual pieces on various occasions though. I feel very comfortable and confident, very easy to match as it is all black."


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How do you put your own twist on a corporate uniform?

"I think you need to have one thing as a highlight. So if I go all black, my accessories are a light colour or a pair of very good looking shoes to make it outstanding, you don't want it to be too plain so you blend in with the rest of the people. Everyone in corporate world wears black!"

Steph, 27, Project Manager

Cape, pants, shirt: Sheike, Sunglasses: Ray Bans from Sunglass Hut, Shoes: Zu

"It's really what I wear on a regular basis as I work in a corporate environment."


Image: Mamamia

"Lots of people wear the cape, it's still in fashion. I use it all the time whether for work or out with friends on a night out. I just like it, it's comfortable and you''re free on the arms, I hate being restricted. It's good if you're cold too, you can just tuck your arms in!"

What's your advice for dressing in a corporate style?

"Black goes very far!"

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Sally, 31, Thoroughbred manager for Tabcorp

Top: Scanlan Theodore, Pants: Country Road, Shoes: Stuart Weitzman

"I have a lot of meetings on today so I kind of wanted to have more of a corporate attire on rather than a bit more relaxed. I I feel confident, comfortable."


Image: Mamamia

How do you put your own twist on a corporate style?

I have a a very classic style but I suppose I like to mix up a classic pair of pants with a little bit more of a structured top sometimes. Keep it simple."

Jamila, 31, Architect.

Dress: Mango (Turkey) Shoes: Windsor Smith

"I'm going to a conference tonight so I felt like I needed to be a bit good looking (laughs). As architects, we are supposed to wear black but I don't - I like colour!"


Image: Mamamia

Katy, 33, The Iconic.

Outfit: The Iconic.


"It is the first time I've worn this outfit and it's a fantastic day so far! I think it's inspired with the fact I work with some fantastic fashionistas at work and that I like to look professional but also feel like myself, relaxed, confident, womanly."


Image: Mamamia

Ava, 39, Sydney Trains.

Dress and top: Forcast, Shoes: RMK

"I'm wearing this because I like puffy stuff, it makes it fun and it shows a little bit of skin but not too much."


Image: Mamamia