'I'm a beauty writer and these are the 3 simple makeup tips I use to look Zoom-meeting ready.'

I'm an all-or-nothing type of girl when it comes to makeup.

If I'm at the office, my typical everyday face includes full-coverage foundation, neutral eyeshadow and curled hair (see here). You know how some people do yoga or go running as their self care? For me, it's doing my makeup first thing. I genuinely look forward to it and love how it makes me feel.

But if I'm running errands or not leaving the house all day, see ya later. I'm doing none of it. It's no makeup and hair slicked back, always. And I'm happy with that too.

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Since working from home (again), I've had to find a happy medium between those two extremes for my occasional Zoom meetings. And after five weeks of this, it's become my go-to makeup look.

My newfound routine is simple, takes five minutes and makes me look put together from the waist up (they can't see my fluffy slippers!). Here's how I do it.

1. Skin tint.

The one great thing about Zoom is that no one can see the little things you might not be loving about your face. Struggling with isolation skin? Dark circles? Pigmentation? There's a good chance no one can see it through the screen.

So, when I'm at home my full-coverage foundation stays packed away and I opt for a skin tint.

An ultra-sheer alternative to foundation, BB/CC cream and tinted moisturiser, a skin tint provides just enough coverage to even out skin tone but leave the finish looking natural.

My current favourite is the Ciaté London Dewy Skin Glass Glow Skin Tint, $49, as it conceals any redness, takes two seconds to apply (fingers only!) and lasts all day.

Image: Supplied.


2. Blush.

If I had to ditch all my makeup products and only keep one, it'd probably be blush. It's the most transformative product (in my opinion) as it can make you look healthy and well-rested within seconds.

After I've applied my skin tint, I'll go in with my go-to blush, the IL MAKIAGE Mineral Baked Blush in Bootylicious, $54, just above my cheekbones in an upward motion.

Image: Supplied.


And boom. She's alive!

3. Brows.

Lastly, I'll fill in my brows.

Whether I'm in the office or at home, I do my brows the same way every time. I go in with my all-time favourite brow pencil: the MCoBeauty Brow Fill & Set, $20, (it has a pencil on one end and tinted brow gel on the other), brush it through with a spoolie and set it in place with my Charlotte Tilbury Brow Fix Clear Brow Gel, $39.

Simple as that.

Image: Supplied.

Now, I didn't include hair as a step because I'm not too bothered about it when working from home. If I'm having a good hair day and feel like it, I'll either straighten or curl it. But if it's due for a wash or I simply CBF (most of the time), I'll slick it back with a claw clip. 

And I like how both hairstyles look with my WFH five-minute makeup:

My three-step makeup with hair done. Image: Supplied.


The same look with it slicked back! Image: Supplied.

Ta da!

Four products, five minutes and I'm ready.

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Feature image: Mamamia, Ciate London, MCoBeauty and IL Makiage.