Employees reveal what it's like to work for the very, very rich.

We all know there’s a small group of people who live in a different universe to the rest of us. The rich. The super rich. The one per cent.

Really, really rich people live in a different world from the rest of us.

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But sometimes, 'ordinary' people get a peek in to the lives of the extremely wealthy. Often, it's because these 'ordinary' people work for them.

We've all wondered what it's like to work for someone who's obscenely rich. Are they all a**holes, or are they nice?

Reddit user asked what it was like to work for a really wealthy person and some of the responses were insane.

What it's like working for guys like this.

One person said they got in to huge trouble for not using Fiji Water (the bottled kind) to feed a dog:

"I worked as the chief officer on a 120 foot long motor yacht...The funny thing is, they only used their yacht one day a week...Every Sunday they would show up with their entourage of butlers, maids, and private chefs to do a 3 hour lunch cruise."

"They also consumed exclusively fiji bottled water - everything from their lemonade to the water the pasta was boiled in all came from those damn square fiji bottles. The biggest time I ever got chewed out on the job was when I filled their dogs water bowl with tap water and was promptly and forcefully told that if I ever gave the dog anything other than fiji bottled water I would need to find another job." - SARA_IS_A_B*TCH

Another previous employee mentioned a time at a private school when a mother admitted to not knowing how to use her own laundry machine.

"I used to work in a private school...One mother started coming into the school every day to visit the uniform shop and buy new uniform items for her child. This went on for a week straight before the shop attendant asked her if everything was okay... The mum responds with, 'Oh, we're fine. It's just that our nanny is on vacation for two weeks, and I have no idea how to use the laundry machines at home.' I was stunned into silence." - north49er

Then there was the person who got an interesting 'bonus'.

"One of my boss' vacation homes were featured in architectural digest. I came across the article just after I received my "bonus" for working 90+ hour weeks for two months straight. It ended up being a $50 Amazon giftcard." - Mr1988

Others received a lot more than a $50 gift card for doing very simple tasks...

"I worked for some guys who were probably in the 5-15 mil range. They paid me to do ridiculous sh*t. One guy paid me $150 cash to put lights on his Christmas tree since he and his wife always fought over how to do it. The damn tree was 12 feet tall and it took me a while." - kingwah

And there was one guy who got sacked for doing something we didn't even know was possible.

"I worked for an attorney who is worth around 20+ mill. These guys deal with a lot of frustrating people and situations. So when my boss fired me for buying the wrong printer paper for the office, I was less than surprised. It's tough, you have to be on point all the time." - ExtrasiAlb

To be fair, a lot of the comments on the Reddit thread said that the rich people they'd worked for were lovely, decent and respectable people.

But those stories aren't as fun to read.

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