'I won't go back to wearing normal clothes.' 16 women on what they're wearing to work right now.

As many of us who have been working from home during the pandemic start to contemplate returning to office life, the realisation is starting to dawn that we might have to wear… pants.

That aren’t trackies.

Or leggings.

At some point. In the near future.

Women who work in the health sector, too, have had a change of attire in the last few months. Many are wearing scrubs for the first time in their careers, or have to wear “hot, sweaty and uncomfortable” personal protective equipment.

So at a time when the working wardrobes of Australian women have never been more diverse, Mamamia spoke to 16 women in all corners of the workforce right now.

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Here’s exactly what they’re wearing to work.

Me, senior news writer. 

“Today, I have matched my skivvy to my slippers and I feel unnerved. Have I hit a new level of working in isolation? I am going to the office for the first time in 12 weeks this week and I feel nervous about putting together an outfit. I have become so accustomed to my track pants, no makeup, work-from-home look I’ve forgotten how to dress for outside life.”

Gemma WFH
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Rachel, continence and women's health physiotherapist.

"I’m wearing scrubs not my normal clothes to work at the moment. I change in and out at work and then wash them. This is another layer of protection for clients as I go back to the clinic."

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Meg, Masters student and full time mum.

"I’m usually in and out all the time and I love getting dressed up. For the first couple of weeks of isolation I wore old tracksuits and just put a nice t-shirt on for Zoom meetings, but the trackies were really bringing my mood down. I bought some new lounge and day outing appropriate clothes (think denim jogger pants and bright jumpers with motivational/empowering messages) and I put a bit of CC cream/powder and mascara on for my Zoom meetings. My mood improved so much."

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Carrie, farmer. 

"An oilskin, over a vest, over a jumper, over a long sleeve, over a singlet - with a beanie, because early morning starts on the farm during seeding are NOT pleasant and I would like them to stop.

"Oh, and men’s work pants because apparently decent women’s work pants do not exist, because women aren’t meant to do manual, outdoor work, OBVIOUSLY."

Carrie work
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Caroline, communications/marketing.

"I'm still working from home, so I am in comfy warm clothes. Both the trackies and slippers are new though as lockdown made me realise how worn out my old ones were."

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Han, ER nurse.

"Unrelenting, hot, sweaty and uncomfortable PPE!"

Han nurse
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Emily, retail. 

"This was one of my first days back at my retail job when we reopened. I work three days a week and have two kids, one school aged. A good hack for anyone returning to work after iso is to trick people into thinking you have made an effort by including sparkles & jewellery but actually you are wearing a stretchy waistband, sweatshirt and sneakers just like you have been for the past two months or so."

Emily work
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Charlotte, lifestyle writer.

"I’ve officially given up today. I’ve had meetings all week so I actually put effort in and washed my hair, put a full face of makeup on and jewellery. But not today. I’m in my oldest jumper, trackies (that I wear almost everyday because you can’t seem them on Zoom) and my amazing slippers with socks because my toes are cold. Oh, and absolutely no makeup and greasy hair."

Charlotte WFH
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Renny, video producer.

"I did put jeans on today and quickly realised it was a laughable choice that should never have been made. I do like sticking to black because it does make me feel a little chic when realistically I’m working from my op shop dining table with a stack of odd books propping up my monitor. My mum would have yelled at me by now for not having socks on and air drying my wet hair, whilst making the decision to turn the aircon on ‘to take the chill out of the air.'"

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Shauna, nurse.

"Depending on how early or late my shift starts I range from wearing pyjamas/tracksuit into work with uggs (for early morning and night shift starts), to jeans and a t-shirt during the day. I pick up anything as it's only to get me into work where I change into scrubs."

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Annie, teacher.

"I am only dressed nicely because we can't work from home. We have work 'colours' that we are suppose to wear - blue and black, so I try and have fun with that. I’m not afraid of patterns and love love love high heels (I wear them every day). I think my dress sense really reflects my personality - bold, bright, warm, sometimes crazy, fun and stylish."

Annie teacher
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Amy, senior lifestyle writer.

"My work outfit now consists of track pants, some sort of soft top, a crop top (if I can be bothered), and socks and slides. Bonus points for today because I managed a denim jacket to make me look a bit more 'dressed' on video calls, but also minus points for this hair turban drying my wet hair."

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Chelsea, news writer.

"This is basically my daily WFH uniform: Uggs, super comfy Cotton On waffle top (it’s so great I have it in three colours) and leggings, because 1. They’re super comfortable and 2. It means I’m already to exercise straight after work and have no excuse.

"Today (at the time of writing) the weather is a bit s***, so it’s a bright pink Lululemon leggings kind of day."

Chelsea work
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Susan, practice manager. 

"No patients in clinic today so in my chinos and my brand new $17 Kmart sand shoes which are super comfy."

Susan work
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Alicia, pharmacist.

"I am an emergency department pharmacist and I’m wearing scrubs to work these days. Several pharmacists and I bought the cheapest ones we could find online to save our clothes from the recommended 60-degree hot washes after every shift when we were told we weren’t eligible for hospital scrubs, despite working in higher risk areas like the ED or ICU.

"So now I have slightly big, bright red scrubs that I love wearing and I don’t think I’ll ever go back to wearing my regular clothes if I can help it. They are super comfy and I never realised how much energy went into choosing what to wear each day to work.

"I’ve had lots of positive comments from other ED staff who have been in scrubs for years - most surprisingly they like the colour, but I think it makes me easier to spot in the department when they want something from me."

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Alanna, school tutor.

"Most days I’ve been in leggings or stretchy jeans but today both are in the wash so I’m even wearing a skirt. But whatever I wear I pair with my fluffy slippers."

Alanna work
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