The five words you need to remove from your vocabulary.

And f*%k isn’t even one of them.

If you ever feel as though your vocabulary is somewhat lacking, your verbosity is rather underwhelming or frankly, you literally just don’t, like, speak too good, we have some news for you.

The Muse has put together a list of 15 words you should remove from your vocabulary. If you do, thy lexicon shall be as opulent and extensive as Shakespeare himself. Although hopefully a little easier to comprehend.

Here are some of those words. They are short, simple, inoffensive and you will be shocked at how often you use them.

1. Went

“Today I went to the shops.”

You did. This is true. But how did you get there? Did you walk? Drive? Catch the bus? Or were you chauffeured in a private stretch limousine by a well-dressed man named Pierre? Mix it up. It might make your story more exciting.

2. Very

“I am very tired.”

Come on now. Clearly you are tired because you’ve totally missed an opportunity to make your friends and family shower you with sympathy. “I’m exhausted.” “My bones ACHE.” “I’m shattered.” Better words= better sympathy.

3. Literally

“I literally can’t even.”

Literally should only be used if it is actually happening. Also – can’t even what?

4. Just

“I just wanted to ask…”

It makes your sentence weaker and takes away the gravity of what you are saying or requesting. If you want to ask, ask.

5. That

“I have a girlfriend that went out with him.”

Who. You have a girlfriend WHO went out with him. People are people. Not objects. Also, more often than not, ‘that’ is entirely useless. Read a sentence with ‘that’ in it out loud. Now read it without ‘that’. Chances are you didn’t even need it in the first place.

So we all just literally need to stop using these very bad words, okay guys?

What’s your vocabulary like? Do your like friends ever pull you up on like words you, like, overuse?

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