There's a new word for female masturbation. And we couldn't think of anything more fitting...

(Fb with preview) It’s a cross between ‘clitoris’ and something else…

(Fb with bitly) There’s a new word for female masturbation. Do you think it works?

Today we’re going to talk about female masturbation.


There’s a new word for female masturbation. And it’s quite legendary.

Jacking off. Wanking. Having a tug. Whatever phrase we use, you know what we mean: masturbation. And it’s all to do with a man, right?

But women masturbate too, even though there’s not really a slang term to describe it.

But the good old Swedish population has come up with a term to describe female masturbation after a long search and 1,200 entries- and we think it’s pretty damn perfect.

Introducing… Klittra.

Sounds a little bit like the word ‘clitoris’, and a little bit like a strong, feminist robot.

The search for the new word began last year, when concerned Swedes who fight for gender equality realised there’s no Swedish word to describe female masturbation. But let’s be honest, there’s not really an English word for it either.

The Swedes are now trying desperately to get this word into their dictionary. And we think Australia should definitely follow suit.

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Previously, Gemma Askham wrote for Mamamia….

Don’t blush – later some of us might even do some female masturbation.

But something in those sentences doesn’t sound quite right…  It’s not the act itself – which, I think we all agree, is oh-oh-oh so great. (Sorry, that was terrible but as if you wouldn’t have taken the opportunity for a masturbation pun….)


The problem is that the term ‘female masturbation’ doesn’t do our self-pleasure any favours. It’s up there with ‘intercourse’ and ‘make love’ when it comes to words that describe hot stuff but leave us colder than a Julien Blanc pick-up line.

Flicking the bean… That’s about all we’ve got.

Men, on the other hand, are merrily ‘jerking off’.

Doesn’t it sound fun? All jolly and happy, conjuring up just the right about of visual image without verging on the teenage ‘eww’ factor.

Well, in Sweden they’ve had enough of men being the majority shareholders in useable masturbation lingo. Their equivalent of jerk off is ‘runka’. (Catchy as hell). The closest to a female equivalent would be ‘onanera’ (textbook term, and a little STI-sounding, no?) or, ‘Hon tar på sig själv’.

And that doesn’t roll off the tongue, or the fingers. So a sex education group has launched a contest to create a cool new word – and break the taboo that women’s hands will fall off if they touch their vaginas.

“When it comes to masturbation, people mostly think about just men doing it. If we don’t have a word in the language, how can we even talk about it?” Kristina Ljungros, a spokeswoman for the sex ed group told Swedish paper The Local.

The competition received more than 1000 entries, with ‘klittra’, ‘pulla’ and ‘selfa’ leading the way ahead of next year’s final vote.

Hell, we like the sound of a klittra-sutra!

So what word should WE use? The internet is full of seafood references (pearls = grandmas = the wrong mental image), cat references (leave our pussies alone!), and violent references (a word to men: if you think bashing or smacking causes a woman pleasure then please revise your technique, URGENTLY).

Here’s a few possibilities to get you started: jilling (as in, Jack & Jill), ménage a moi, playing the clitar.

Let’s give self-love some love.