Woolworths took on one of their customers in an epic rap battle and WON.

Shit just got real.

As we all know, the quickest way to become a viral sensation in September 2015 is a hilarious rant to a business’s Facebook page.

Woolworths customer Jamie McGloin took Facebook ranting to a new level a few days ago by incorporating lyrics of popular rapper Eminem in a Facebook post to the supermarket.

Despite McGloin not quite nailing the lyrics (the order was a little off if we’re nit picking) Woolworths laid down with a brilliant reply, referencing both Eminem’s Lose Yourself lyrics as well as The Real Slim Shady.

But Woolworths didn’t stop there. They crafted perfect responses to other commenters on the post, leaning on old mate Eminem for help.

For example, this reply to a customer who used lyrics from Eminem’s song Stan.

As with all Internet phenomenons, McGloin clearly noticed that other commenters were getting in on the joke and subsequently that his fame was probably short-lived.

However, he took to his own Facebook page to share some good news.

McGloin, we say take the job. You’ve only got one shot, do not miss your chance to blow.

This opportunity comes once in a lifetime, you better lose yourself.