Cosmetic artist Paolo Ballesteros has pulled off a seamless Wonder Woman transformation. It's his best yet.


Cosmetic artist Paolo Ballesteros is a one man make-up department.

He applies eyeliner with the steady hand of surgeon and contours with an almost architectural understanding of light and shadow.

In other words, he’s killing the makeup game.

The Filipino actor and television host previously made headlines for transforming himself into the Kardashian/Jenner families using only make-up.

The left image is taken from the first half of the video, the right image from the last. (Source: Facebook.)

Ballesteros is gaining traction once again for his ability to imitate Israeli actress Gal Gadot's portrayal of Wonder Woman.

The make-up artist took his followers through the transformation in a recent Facebook Live video.

Ballesteros contoured his face, lips and jawline using regular make-up items such as bronzer and highlighter.

Two images from the latter half of the video. (Source: Facebook.)

The actor then comically removed his clothes before putting on a Wonder Woman costume with matching (cardboard?) wristbands.

Laughter can be heard in the background from a helper before they assist him with tying the wristbands into place.

The video has collected over 90.000 views since it was posted four days ago to his public profile.

Gal Gadot in WW on left and Paulo on right. (Source: Warner Bros/Instgram.)

Ballesteros later posted a finished image to all two million of his followers on Instagram.

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