Gretel Killeen is not a fan of new plan to keep women drivers safe.

Female-friendly parking bays sparked a heated debate between hosts Carrie Bickmore and Gretel Killeen on Wednesday night’s episode of The Project.

The discussion began after Bickmore asked Killeen whether she’d feel safer parking in a female allocated area in a car park.

Killeen replied with a bemused tone.

“I’d feel safer if we lived in a society where it wasn’t required…” Killeen said.

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Bickmore then spoke over her.

"Yeah - well, that is the point." Bickmore said.

Killeen who was still speaking continued, "I guess for me... would I...? No!"

Bickmore began listing the features of the car park on her fingers.

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"It's got extra CCTV, it's near the exit and the entrance." Bickmore said. But Killeen wasn't having any of it and instead, posed a question of her own.

"Is this the result of tormenting women in this particular car park?" Killeen asked.

Waleed Aly jumped in and brought up the female-only train carriages that were discussed in last week's episode.

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"Female only carriages was an appalling idea." Killeen said.

"See I liked that idea." Bickmore said.

Eventually Killeen raised the idea of Eva Cox who suggested they put all the men in the 'women's only' carriage.

"Happy for that!" Bickmore said.

"I think we have to find a way that everybody assimilates." Killeen said.

"But we're not - that's the problem," Bickmore said.

Killeen then raised her hand, looking down the camera.

"This one is fine - your taxi cab, no and the train, no." Killeen said.

The disagreement came on the back of City of Perth council announcing they would be trialing 'female-friendly' parking bays in their Pier Street car park for three months.

The parking bays which are marked by pink signs, walls and poles are well-lit, closer to exits and entrances and fitted with additional CCTV security.

City of Perth's chief executive Martin Mileham said the trial aimed to offer greater parking options that improved the customer experience.

“This has been done overseas and the city is conducting this trial to determine if there's a demand for this type of service,” he said.

Men will not be fined for using the bays but are discouraged from parking in the spots.

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