Update: Britney Spears didn't get Photoshopped. And here's The Proof.


Photoshop rumours be gone.

Apparently Britney Spears does look like Britney Spears (version 2.0 anyway) on the cover of this month’s Women’s Health Magazine.

People accusing the image of being heavily photoshopped have been proven wrong. The magazine has posted a behind-the-scenes video from their photoshoot – just casually showing all those haters that they are so wrong.

Take a look…


The footage shows that Ms. Spears looks exactly the same in real-life as she does on the cover (shock, horror – gasp). And yes, she looks stunning, but this has us asking SO many other questions.

Like, What Is She Drinking? And Where Do We Get Some?

Mamamia previously wrote…

In an early Christmas present to Britney Spears, the team at the US version of Women’s Health magazine have presented her with a very disturbing cover featuring the singer.

You see, they’ve altered her face beyond recognition.

Genuinely, beyond recognition. We had NO IDEA who this celebrity was.


Britney doesn’t look like Britney anymore. At least, where Women’s Health is concerned.

The blonde girl with pigtails singing in a school hallway?

The woman in the red catsuit telling everyone they’re toxic?

The mother-of-two who preached the message that we have to work, bitch?


Some may say this is the work of a very talented makeup artist who has contoured the crap out of Brit’s face. But we’re calling it: Photoshop.


She’s been replaced with an airbrushed, strange-looking version of her former self who her own mum wouldn’t recognise walking down the street.

Click through the gallery below for more photoshop fails.